The subtle and powerful influence of allowing your internal chemistry to go “acid”, and how to restore the healthy alkaline environment to avoid and reverse cancer.

On Monday, April 9th, Howard Straus discusses the deep and far-ranging implications of letting one’s acid/base balance get out of order. Our bodies normally operate in a very tight, slightly alkaline environment, but due to our horrible eating habits, toxic pharmaceuticals, chemicals, drinks, recreational drugs and many other influences, over the years it becomes acidic. When this happens, several vital functions, vital to our immune systems, and thus to our very survival, become disabled, from the ability of the blood stream to efficiently carry oxygen to the furthest reaches of the capillary system (including the brain), to the neutralizing of the all-important pancreatic enzymes that play powerful roles in cell development, waste disposal, and immune system function. We discuss how to keep the body system alkaline, and the foods and substances that cause the immune-suppressing acidity that so many are subject to.