Thanks From Bettie RB

Gerson Therapy Success Story

“Dear Mr. Straus:

Thank you for the wonderful inscription in your book, and for your business card. How nice that was of you!And indeed, I am enjoying good health at the young age of 60 bodily years. My husband, Frank B. has a lot to do with that! You see, Frank found Dr. Gerson’s therapy in the 70’s when his former wife developed a brain tumor. Being quite intelligent, Frank recognized what a brilliant therapy the Gerson therapy was, learned it from Dr. Gerson’s book as well as from the Jacqui Davison book, “Cancer Winner”, and applied it to both his wife and to himself. He became healthier, and his former wife, after a year, no longer had a brain tumor and was the very image of health. Unfortunately, she was so healthy that she shared herself with many other men, so Frank divorced her.

A native of the Pasadena, Los Angeles area, Frank came through town to visit his parents after the divorce in 1986. To his surprise and horror, his beloved father was undergoing exploratory surgery. The doctors found that he had a tumor growing on his liver and pronounced that Jack Blumer should “put his affairs in order” as he
everyone! At that time, Jack was in his mid-70’s.

The docs said that the cancer had grown deeply inside the liver ducts and so chemo and radiation would be of no use. So, Frank moved back home with his parents, and applied the Gerson Therapy to his dad.

After a few weeks, Jack was up and able to walk. A couple of weeks more and he felt like bicycling again and started it up. Weeks gave way to months gave way to years. Jack lived another 15 some years to the ripe age of 91-1/2, and he died, cancer-free, in January 2001.

I have not read your book yet, but just read your Dedication – and it brings tears to my eyes. So, you are Charlotte’s son and the great Dr. Max Gerson’s grandson! I am so pleased to meet you. As a champion of the Gerson therapy, Frank and I have both told many cancer sufferers of the therapy. And many of these people chose, instead, to mix-and-match various therapies (trying to form their own cancer therapy, it seems), instead of following the well laid-out plan that Dr. Gerson offers. Or sometimes the ill chose to follow (blindly, it seems) the path of chemo and radiation. All of these have died. Sad, but very true, and very needless. I just really wanted to be in touch with you and to introduce my husband to you. I am honored to know you, even via email.

All the very best,

Bettie R.”

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