Special Encore Presentation: Medical and commercial censorship in cancer information

Our guest on Monday, April 30 will be Dr. Andrew Saul, DC, PhD, Associate Editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medcine. We will be discussing the case of Peter Ebdon, a finalist in the World Championship Snooker Tournament, the 21st consecutive Championships he has qualified for. Since his father died from cancer last year, Peter has been a vegan, and this year he performed the ultimate forbidden act: he wore a tee shirt with the Gerson Institute logo on it! Despite the long tradition of sports teams wearing advertising logos in all countries, and despite their complete lack of concern with logos of cancer causing corporations, the entire press, medical and sports world went ballistic from the very name Gerson being displayed in public. He was forced to remove it, in compliance with a nearly never enforced 1939 law forbidding anyone from mentioning a cancer therapy in the media.