Producers: Foster & Kimberly Gamble

This is empowering, must-see filmmaking, unlike anything you’ll have seen before – a combination call-to-arms and Disney ride. Producer, director and star, Foster Gamble (of the Proctor & Gamble family) along with his wife Kimberly Gamble, connect the dots in a plausible and powerful way. Suppression of Tesla’s free-energy discoveries; the harassment, ruin, and even murder of inventors working in ways that threaten Big Oil. The patient but inexorable reorganization of the world’s nation-states into continental “unions” (for easier control). The  prosperity and depression cycles permit bankers to scoop up the world’s assets at fire sale values. The puppet manipulation of both American political parties so that those in real control can never lose an election. Humanity is at a critical crossroads, the choices are enslavement or waking up. Is it all true? If it is, this is probably about the best case that can be made for it, as well as a clarion cry to resist.

[UPC: 610256799872 – Run Time 132 Minutes – Release Date 2011]

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