Seeds of Deception


Jeffrey M. Smith

In Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey Smith, a former executive with the leading independent laboratory testing for GM presence in foods, documents the serious health dangers of GMO products and explains how corporate influence and government collusion have been used to cover them up. The stories Smith presents read like a mystery novel. Scientists are offered bribes or threatened; evidence is stolen; data withheld or distorted. Those who complain are stripped of responsibilities or fired. The FDA even withheld information from congress after a GMO food supplement killed nearly a hundred people and permanently disabled thousands. While Smith was employed by the laboratory he was not allowed to speak on the health dangers or the cover-up. But now, no longer bound by this agreement, Smith now reveals what he knows in this groundbreaking exposé.  In Seeds of Deception Smith offers easy-to-understand descriptions of genetic engineering and explains why it can result in serious health problems. This well-documented, pivotal work will show you how to protect yourself and your family.

[ISBN: 9780972966580 – 304 Pages – Paperback – 9x6x1 – Pub: 2003  –  3rd Edition]

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