Gerson Therapy Med-Pack


This CD contains many important and informative documents on The Gerson Therapy and is a must have for anyone doing research or needing support material on Dr. Gerson or the Gerson Therapy and its beneficial effect on health and the human body.  Some of the documents included are …

• A downloadable and printable PDF of Dr. Gerson’s original testimony before the Pepper –Neely
congressional committee considering a $100 million bill for the study and treatment of cancer. (a rare historical document because Dr. Gerson’s testimony was later removed from congressional archives)

  • Dr. Gerson’s original published articles in English
  • Transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Gerson himself
  •  A review of Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson Therapy by Dr. Andrew Saul
  • The history of the Gerson Therapy
  • Published papers and reviews of the Gerson Therapy by prominent doctors, scientists and researchers and much much more

CD- ROM – Pub 2012 

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