Forks Over Knives (Extended Interviews)


Brian Wendel, Monica Beach Media

Forks Over Knives, The Extended Interviews includes never-before-seen footage from Forks Over  Knives. Expert interviews, covers several themes in greater depth and addresses important issues that weren’t touched on in the original movie.  More than 80 topics are covered …How much protein do we need? – Animal vs.plant nutrients in cancer promotion – Why are some vegetarians and vegans unhealthy? – Is a healthy vegan diet easy to follow? – Why portion control doesn t work – Oil, fish, supplements, and much more! Forks Over Knives The Extended Interviews is must-see viewing for anyone interested in the powerful relationship between food and health!

Includes Closed Captioning and Spanish Subtitles.

[UPC: 829567084120 – Run Time 110 Minutes – Release Date 2012]

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