Doctor Max


Giuliano Dego

Dr. Max is a biographical novel of the heroic life of Dr. Max Gerson, originator of the most significant medically-based cure for cancer to emerge in modern times. Beginning in 1933, the novel details Gerson’s flight from Nazi Germany and the subsequent struggles of Andrej Markhoff (an emigre Russian aristocrat and former patient) to write the doctor s story. Years later, Guliano Dego recovers Markoff’s papers and is at once captured by the drama of Gerson’s life. He travels to Mexico, to Gerson’s clinic in exile, where he observes the method first-hand and uncovers new and shocking facts in the plot to suppress Gerson’s work. In the novels gripping finale, the author finally discovers both the fate of Andrej Markoff and the forces behind the international medical collusion to block The Gerson Therapy.

[ISBN: 9780882682013 –  767 Pages  –  Paperback  –  8.3×5.5×1.6  –   Pub: 1st Edition 2010]

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