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Changing the way the world detects cancer
By: Jenny Hrbacek, R.N.

Americans are lead to believe the only way to discover cancer is to wait for a tumor to grow big enough to see it with a mammogram, PSA screening, or PET scan. This is DEAD WRONG. These tests are late diagnostic. You are wasting valuable time because the information comes too late to save you from toxic therapies that are not the cure for cancer and may even lead to a recurrence. This book is the roadmap for how to detect cancer years before standard tests do. If you are in treatment, this book tells you how to avoid being subjected to the conventional one-size-fits-all cancer treatment you can find out what drugs and natural therapies will be effective for your specific cancer and tailor a personal program for you.

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Jenny Hrbacek is a registered nurse who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2009. She immediately underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy in the belief that would eliminate the cancer. She saw other people in the chemo room undergoing treatment because their cancer had come back a second and third time and Jenny realized surgery and chemotherapy is not a cure for cancer. She learned how to get tested for circulating tumor cells and found she was not cancer free, even though her PET scan was “clean.” She learned about a number of early detection tests that will change how cancer is diagnosed. Her mission is to change the way the world detects cancer.

Changing the way cancer is detected by: Jenny Hrbacek
It is my mission to change how cancer is detected in the United States. Far too many people – and I was one of them – get a diagnosis out of the blue and are whisked to the operating table or chemotherapy chair in a matter of days. I was told that if I let the surgeon remove both my breasts, I would be cancer free. A little later, in the chemo room, I noticed other patients around me were having a second, even a third recurrence of cancer. We were all part of what I call “The Wait, Watch, and Wonder Program.” That was the start of my learning curve. I found out that there are numerous tests available that are much more sensitive than a mammogram or PET Scan, so they do a much better job of detection, but no one in my oncology team told me anything about them. My first foray into this new world was to test for circulating tumor cells. I had been told my latest PET scan was clean, but this new test told me that was far from the truth of the matter. I did not want to wait until a recurrence was far enough along to be detected with a PET scan. I did not want to keep watch on a tumor marker and wonder if I was okay. Wait-Watch-Wonder was not for me. I wanted to know.

I spent 4 years and some $40,000 learning what my oncology team did not tell me. And I share it all with you. This book gives you a clear roadmap – what the tests are, what they look for, how to order them, the degree of accuracy, what they cost, and more. I also give you the big picture as to what causes cancer so you are empowered to prevent it. And if you are in treatment, I tell you how you can avoid the toxic one-size-fits-all standard of care that opens the door for far too many of us to have a recurrence of cancer. Did you know that 90% of people who get a recurrence die within 5 years? Don’t let that be you. Find cancer early – get tested!

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