Cancer Conquest


The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

Burton Goldberg, Do No Harm Productions

In this authoritative healthcare documentary video / DVD, Burton Goldberg, the author of 18 books on alternative medicine, takes you on a tour of cancer clinics and treatment centers that are achieving outstanding success reversing cancer, even end-stage cancer, using the best of conventional and alternative medicine. You will visit the clinics, review the treatments being used, hear about the supporting studies and research, and see interviews with the many patients who have been healed and the doctors who are providing successful cancer treatment therapies. There is reason to hope for a full remission of cancer! Treatments highlighted in this film offer significant alternatives to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, mammography and other related cancer treatments.

[ASIN: B000F41Y1K –   Wide Screen 16:9 –  Run Time 90 Minutes – Release Date  2013]

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