Bee People


Director, David Knappe – Actor Gregg McMahan For 100 million years, bees have provided sustainability on earth…yet these glorious pollinators are fading from our planet. Bee People provides an in-depth look at the people who are facing the many challenges facing bees, making a difference, and urging everyone to join them on a planet-saving mission. Who are these bee people? Why do they do it? What compels them? And… what is the solution they propose? (Are they nuts?) Featuring Gregg McMahan aka The Bee Guru: One part rock-star, one part bee evangelist, Gregg is the most passionate member of the Bee People community you’re ever likely to meet. Importantly, BEE PEOPLE is the first film in this genre to offer a solution. No spoilers here, but if you watch this film, you could easily become part of that solution!

[UPC: 826262010393 – Run Time 102 Minutes – Release Date 2014]

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