3000 Coffee Breaks, A Ventriloquists Journey on the Gerson Alternative Cancer Therapy


Read James Wedgwood’s rousing re-telling of his victory over cancer using the Gerson Therapy.  

3000 Coffee Breaks, refers to the use of coffee enemas while performing Gerson Therapy and  James’s humorous and sometimes irreverent outlook, will inspire anyone performing the Gerson Therapy, thinking of doing the Gerson Therapy, or following a Gerson Lifestyle.

Diagnosed with a mass on his left kidney in 2003, comic ventriloquist James Wedgwood had a decision to make: go the traditional route of surgery or use the Gerson Therapy, an alternative cancer treatment based on boosting the body’s own immune system with organic juices, a non-traditional diet and intensive detoxification procedures. This book chronicles his decision and the arduous, poignant, yet surprisingly humorous journey that followed.

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