Lyle B. – Muscular Dystrophy [Dr. Gerson’s Direct Patient]

Gerson Therapy Success Story

Late last year, a friend who is also very much interested in the Gerson Therapy, did a study of a number of Dr. Gerson’s former patients. Since it is just now 40 years since Dr. Gerson passed away, it is hard to find any of his former patients if for no other reason than that they would have died of old age. As the researcher found, many of those patients, in fact, did die of old age, having recovered from cancer or other chronic diseases under Dr. Gerson’s care.

One interesting gentleman answered our request for further information and, if possible, a description of his disease, since he came to Dr. Gerson suffering from muscular dystrophy. Dr. Gerson, admittedly, had better results with this disease than we can obtain at this time.

This is his letter:

“I am 79 years old and feel fine. I am a retired farmer in the country with a heart bypass 23 years ago.

In 1952, (at age 32) I went to New York to [see] Dr. Max Gerson. The diet and medication did much good. For many years I could almost run, get up and walk, anyway.

After the passing of Dr. Gerson, I went back to a normal diet. “The last few years, I gave up walking. I have a kitchen chair with rollers in which I get around.

A married son lives next door. They help me into my pick-up and I can drive for hours if need be. Once a day, he stops by and stands me up. I can walk around the room then if I hang on to something.

I had a younger sister who had muscular dystrophy. She married and had three children. She gave up walking at the age of 50 and died at the age of 59 with heart failure. We have 10 married children and many grandchildren. As of today, no children or grandchildren have muscular dystrophy. “I feel the day will come when doctors will find the cause and a cure for M.D.

Thank you, Lyle B. ”

Unfortunately, I do not have details on his illness, how serious it was at the time he went to New York to visit Dr. Gerson. But it is quite remarkable that he is still managing at the age of 79 while his sister didn’t make it past the age of 59.

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