Kevil M. – Testicular Cancer

Gerson Therapy Success Story

Contributed: October 2006

“On October 12, 2006 I, Kevil M, was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. My left testicle was surrounded by a tumor like a baseball mitt surrounding a glove. My Urologist at the time removed the tumor, however, the team of doctors didn’t want to stop there; after abducting my testicle, they then wanted to do a little searching around, where they would split me open from chest to navel and remove the problem lymph nodes at the site of metastasis and then follow it up with chemotherapy and possible radiation, almost like toppings to a banana split. Metastasis, after all, was the reason that they gave me a six month prognosis. Six months, not long even in dog years, has come and gone as the seasons, and yet I am still here, breathing, living, and enjoying life like never before. All this, thanks to Dr. Max Gerson, Charlotte Gerson, Howard Straus, and the multitudes that have continued his legacy of “healing the hopeless,” as Howard Straus’s biography on Dr. Gerson’s life testifies.

Perhaps those doctors were right, and a therapy such as the Gerson Therapy is hogwash, but if that is the case then I will join the ranks of the “naïve” patients that have chosen to take control of their health by means of juicing, supplementation, and coffee enemas. After all, proof is in the organic vegan pudding, and having outlived the doctors six month prognosis, I can say that they have no right to play god and tell patients how long they have to live. These doctors are fooling the world as they set out to eliminate us with trickery and deceit, whereby a five year survival is deemed a “cure,” and even at that they receive extremely poor results. Given this fictitious five year survival cure, of course it makes sense that if the patient detects the cancer early that patient will be “cured.” I’m sorry, but this blatant lye and disregard for the body, the only living temple on earth, will no longer pass. We must stand up for ourselves, whether we have cancer or not, because no one in the allopathic medicine mega-industry appears to be looking out for us. I for one do not want to be a statistic, and I know many that feel the same way.

Thanks also to my parents (Lightfoot M. and Dr. Kate K.), my caretaker of seven months, Sarah D, horse-whisperer Rene, the Buddhist monks, the honorable staff of the Gerson Institute, the Mexican Gerson Therapy clinic, and the select family and friends that believed not only in me but in the Gerson therapy, because Gerson saves! I am a certified Gerson Caregiver, and hope to guide others along the path of wellness. I would like to invite emails, and as I think no one should be excluded from receiving help with the Gerson Therapy, am willing to work for travel, juices/food and coffee enemas. Primarily, I hope to assist others out of the bottomless pit known as cancer, and show them that we created the abyss, and therefore we can get ourselves out of it. You can email me.”