Gina F. – Ten Years Recovered From Breast Cancer

Gerson Therapy Success Story

Contributed: December 2006

“I ask that you please pass this note to Miss Charlotte Gerson for me. Seeing her 10 years ago in Seattle changed my life and the lives of many others. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the same as most of the people with whom you come in contact, I was headed for the dreaded knife, radiation, chemo and sores. I was scared and thought I had no options.

To make a long story short, I found the Gerson Therapy and went to hear Charlotte talk. I had already undergone surgery and was getting ready to do radiation and chemo — when I began to have dreams of three people in black hoods. I soon figured out that these were the henchmen: my surgeon, radiation doctor and my oncologist. I knew that if I continued in this manner it would kill me. I realized that doing these therapies was not for me. I had the surgery and radiation, but chose not to do the chemotherapy or any follow-up drug treatment.

It was because of Charlotte’s inspiring message that my life is now so wonderful. My life before cancer was no life at all. It is all because I started the Gerson Therapy and started to take care of myself. I was eating organic, filtering my drinking and bathing water, doing coffee enemas (that I do up to this day), juicing, exercising, using supplements, massage, dry brushing — the list goes on and on. It is because of these changes and incorporating all of these things into my life that gave me a new life. I now have a seven-year-old son. Had I done chemo, I would not have been able to give birth to him. He is my gift as well as was my cancer. My son teaches me lessons daily. In March I will be in Europe for a month with my son, celebrating my 10th anniversary (10 years cancer-free). I started my life over 10 year ago.

Thank you Charlotte Gerson, and I send thanks from all of those to whom I have passed the Gerson Therapy along.”

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