Gerson Therapy FAQs, with Howard Straus

The Gerson Therapy is so far from mainstream ideas of treatment that most people can’t believe its success. Yet, tens of thousands of patients have benefited from its healing power, especially when used on chronic (“incurable”) disease.

How does it work? Where do you get your protein? Isn’t there danger in repeated coffee enemas?

The Gerson Therapy forbids drinking water. I thought we were supposed to stay hydrated. What’s up with that?

There are other subjects that need discussion, particularly in light of the defeat of California’s GMO labeling proposition 37.

What’s wrong with GMOs? Is Aspartame (NutraSweet) bad for you? Should I get a flu vaccine, or any vaccine this year? We’ve all learned that “milk builds strong bodies 12 ways.” Is this true? How come we’re not hearing anything about radiation from Fukushima anymore? What are chemtrails, and why are these chemicals being sprayed on us 24/7?