How does the Gerson Therapy “work” for people who have…

MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive neurological illness stemming from damage to the insulation layers of our nerve systems. Since the nerves pass along delicate electrical signals, any damage to their insulation will cause minor or major disruption in the signals, disturbing virtually all our functions.

Unfortunately, the poisoning wrought by aspartame (the artificial sweetener NutraSweet) mimics the symptoms of MS, as aspartame has been proven a neurotoxin at any dosage. Thus, the more “diet” drinks and foods that you consume, the more damage is done. In fact, it is thought that up to 80% of the current “epidemic” of MS is really mis-diagnosed aspartame poisoning. Over 5,000 food products now contain added aspartame. Simply halting the consumption of aspartame will resolve 4 out of every 5 cases of this false MS! (For more information, there are two very good documentaries on this subject; “Sweet Misery” and “Sweet Remedy,” by Cori Brackett. These films are now available via our website and through our sales department where a representative can help you by phone or email.

The remaining cases of MS are often caused by toxic damage to the nerve sheaths, and detoxifying the body is one of the main strengths of the Gerson Therapy. It may take some time, but we have seen many cases of MS cleared up completely or nearly so by the Therapy.

Please Keep in mind, , that after years of damage to the nerve sheaths, some of the nerves may have died and cannot be repaired. However, the nerves that are simply damaged can be restored to their original functioning condition. At very least, progression will be halted. What can be reversed, will be reversed. What is dead is dead.

Lyme’s Disease
There have been some mixed results with Lyme’s disease. It seems that the best time to catch it is in the early stages, or if you even suspect that you have been bitten by a Lyme’s carrying tick. If you start the full Gerson Therapy then, as some have, the results have been a complete recovery, and no after-effects.

On the other hand, we have had some reports that if Lyme’s has been in progress for several years and has really set in, the Therapy has no positive results. There are really not enough cases to generalize, since most people do not use the Gerson Therapy as a first defense against the disease, and many are not willing to undertake such a drastic lifestyle change in any case. The best advice we can offer is that the Gerson Therapy will certainly not have any ill effects, and has the potential, especially in the early stages of Lyme’s, to completely reverse the illness.

Brain Cancer
Brain cancer is really no different from any other cancer, except for two considerations: Its location inside the cranium, and the effect that it has on the will power and intent of the patient.

Let’s address these one at a time…

When the Gerson Therapy is applied to a patient with cancer, the body begins to mobilize its defenses, starving the tumor and nourishing the rest of the defense mechanisms to fight the invader. This battle eventually results in the destruction of the tumor and its removal by the body. However, during its unsuccessful fight for its existence, the tumor will swell significantly before it dies. For most cancers, this is not a problem, as the swelling will simply and temporarily push other organs and structures out of the way to make space for the swelling.

A tumor inside the cranium however, does not have that option. When it swells, it compresses the brain between itself and the hard bone container that usually protects the brain. This can cause malfunctions, including seizures and periods of unconsciousness! If these happen at inconvenient or dangerous times, they can be life threatening (i.e.: at the top of a flight of stairs, behind the wheel of a car, or any one of a hundred different situations). This must be a consideration when starting the Therapy for a brain cancer patient.

It is because of this possible loss of consciousness, and the associated dangers to one’s self and others, that the Mexican Gerson clinic cannot accept brain cancer patients. It is not because the Therapy does not work, it is because of the possible liability of someone other than the patient getting hurt as a result of doing the Therapy. Please note however, there have been many cases of patients accepting the responsibility for their own safety, and succeeding in healing themselves of brain cancer.

The second consideration is that of intent and willpower. To some extent, the Gerson Therapy relies on the patient’s participation in his or her own healing. It is not a therapy that is done “to” someone, but “by” them in loving care of their body. If the brain is malfunctioning to a point where comprehension and/or actions are compromised by toxicity or the physical damage done by a tumor, or another cancerous process, the patient may not have the willpower and persistence to follow the Therapy through to its completion. This is a consideration that the patient and their support system have to take in to account before embarking on the Therapy.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease is often associated with heavy metal contamination in the brain, as from mercury or aluminum crossing the blood-brain barrier. In theory, the detoxifying nature of the Gerson Therapy should be of some help to such a patient, but there are some complicating factors that act against a positive outcome.

Some illnesses have not responded well to the Gerson Therapy, and Alzheimer’s disease is one of them. Alzheimer’s is not seen enough at the Gerson clinics, so it is difficult to formulate a definite response to this question. There have been a few cases where the disease has responded to the Gerson Therapy, but we cannot offer a clear and definite “yes” to this question.
For one thing, the Gerson Therapy requires a certain amount of participation on the part of the patient, in terms of comprehension, awareness, dedication, persistence, etc. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s patients are generally impaired to some degree in all of these qualities. Therefore, the patient will need constant supervision from someone else to ensure that all aspects of the treatment are consistently applied over the long term. This is not always an easy task.

If the patient can be treated, and his or her support system can handle it, the Gerson Therapy will certainly do no harm, and it has the potential to do some real good. However, it has been our experience that the combined difficulty of doing the Therapy for this type of patient, the potential for indefinite results, and the possible length of time involved, often result in other treatment options being pursued.

Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s disease is another of those progressive, neurological diseases that the Gerson Therapy has had rare success with, and too few patients to compile a definite record with.

Parkinson’s results from the destruction of some neurons in the brain that create dopamine, and it is unclear that whether these structures, once destroyed, can be restored again.

While it is difficult to say with certainty, that the Gerson Therapy will help someone with Parkinson’s, changing their nutrition for the better could not have a negative effect, and anything that could possibly be repaired in the brain, would certainly have a better chance of healing with good nutrition and detoxification, rather than none at all.

As with other diseases, there is a requirement for the patient to participate in his own treatment. While this can sometimes be a physical challenge with Parkinson’s disease, the comprehension, awareness, dedication, will power, etc, are not affected as in Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, following the Gerson protocol would not be as difficult

Cancer After Chemotherapy
More and more patients today are being treated with chemotherapy by conventional oncologists, so Gerson Therapy practitioners have had to develop protocols for dealing with prior chemotherapy treatment. If done correctly, recovery is possible even after such treatment.

Chemotherapy is a particularly toxic treatment for cancer and now, increasingly, for other chronic diseases as well. Recent studies at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have shown that chemotherapy makes cancer “much worse”: more aggressive, more likely to metastasize (spread), and more likely to recur. You will not, however, hear this from your chemotherapy oncologist.

The biggest problem with chemotherapy, as opposed to surgery or radiation, is that once the chemotherapeutic agent is applied and it does whatever it is supposed to do (or not as the case may be) only about half of it is eliminated from your body. The other half of it stays in your body, continuing to poison you, unless it is removed.

Since the Gerson Therapy is among other things, a detoxifying therapy, it will stimulate the ejection of the residual chemo agent from wherever it has been stored and cause it to be carried by the blood stream to the liver, where it will eventually be eliminated. However, since the amount that remains in your body after a chemo treatment, is still about half of all the poison that you originally received, even the elimination of this chemical agent is too dangerous to do quickly. If you’ve gotten, say, 30 doses of chemo, then 15 doses if it are still in your system and will cause you ongoing problems.

Attempting to get rid of that much stored toxin, all at once, means that you could be getting the equivalent of 15 doses of chemo all at once. This much chemo released at one time is so toxic, and potentially deadly, that the detoxification process has to slowed way down.

This way, the poison is eliminated in small enough doses, that it does not burn your rectum, does not damage your organs or your liver any further, and does not kill you.

If you are a cancer patient who has already been treated with chemotherapy, and wish to try the Gerson Therapy now, because the cancer has recurred or spread, it would be best for you to do it under the care of a certified Gerson Therapy practitioner. These people are trained to know what to avoid and what problems can occur when attempting to use a metabolic therapy to heal.

Even after chemotherapy, many people have recovered using the Gerson Therapy. However, there is no doubt that healing cancer after you have been treated with chemo, makes the task considerably more difficult. Some cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, are untreatable if even one round of chemotherapy has been applied. Ask your Gerson practitioner or the Gerson Institute if your case is appropriate for the Gerson Therapy.


I want to do the Therapy, but the idea of coffee enemas is just too much. Can I do without them?

No. If you want to avoid the coffee enemas, we would prefer that you do not even do the Gerson Therapy. [Without the coffee enemas, it is not the Gerson Therapy, anyway!] It is an integrated medical treatment, and you cannot safely pick and choose bits and pieces of it without endangering your life or safety. Imagine telling a surgeon that you don’t mind the operation, but the idea of needles and thread is too threatening, so please don’t sew up the incision after the operation.

When you do the daily 13 juices and supplements associated with the Therapy, the body gets the energy to push a lifetime of accumulated toxins out of the cells and into the serum, plus the toxic by-products from the destruction of tumors and pathogens. They are then transported to the liver, where they are filtered out to be eliminated later.

But the liver of a cancer patient is already compromised, already highly toxic, or they would not have cancer in the first place. Dumping an additional load of toxins into a compromised and barely functioning liver without supporting its flushing the toxins out can be enough under those circumstances to kill the liver entirely. When the liver is killed, you will expire, yourself.

The coffee enema is the answer to supporting detoxification of the liver. It is NOT about emptying the colon; it is all about the liver. So much extra toxicity is dumped into the liver that the patient NEEDS to take five or more coffee enemas every single day. Without this help, the liver can collapse very quickly.
So, either get over the silly aversion, or, for Heaven’s sake, don’t do the Gerson Therapy.


Can I hold down a full-time job and still do the Therapy?

The short answer is “no”. The Therapy is a full-time job for the duration, but one that has an end point, although we can’t tell you precisely what that end point is. You must get 13 fresh-pressed, organic juices, three big organic meals and five coffee enemas a day, and that would interfere with any full-time job. But when you are done with the Therapy, you will have your full health back, and will be able to enjoy many more years of productive and unhindered work. It is obviously a tradeoff, one that has to be considered. Some of Dr. Gerson’s patients lived 50 and 60 or more years beyond their “terminal” diagnoses in robust good health and physical vigor.

That having been said, some very clever and focused people have done it and succeeded at defeating their illnesses, but we seriously discourage that course of action. The work uses precious healing energy that you need for your survival, there are inevitable workplace toxins and temptations, unsolicited and generally unhelpful advice from co-workers, exposure to colds and other infections, any of which could be life-threatening to a patient with an already compromised immune system.


Can I travel while on the Therapy?

Well, yes, you can, but it takes real planning and dedication to the thorough and precise implementation of the Therapy on the road. The only way that we have seen it really, successfully and thoroughly done is through the use (ownership, rental, purchase) of an RV, with kitchen and food storage facilities built-in.

Remember, you have to produce three organic meals, 13 fresh-pressed juices and do five coffee enemas no matter where you are. These are not optional! Organic food availability along the road (or storage when it is not available locally) must be carefully considered. A traveling juicer must be available. Etc. Generally, people on the Gerson Therapy stay at home for the duration because it is so complicated to try to implement all the strictures and requirements while traveling.


I already have a centrifugal juicer. Can I use that?

Centrifugal juicers are very poor extractors of nutritive value on several counts. As a result, we have seen very poor response in patients with cancer who have used centrifugal juicers. If you are in good health, and wish to juice rather than drink soft drinks or coffee, juice from a centrifugal juicer is certainly a step up, but it will not provide you with the nutrients you need to fight a serious, life-threatening disease.

The shortcomings of centrifugal juicers are as follows:

Destruction of enzymes. A centrifugal juicer grinds the fruit and vegetable with tiny little teeth rotating at high speed along the grinding surface. The resulting pulp is then spun at high speed through a conical strainer that allows juice out through the slots, and leaves the pulp to spin out the top, both impelled by the centrifugal force of the spinning. The small grinding teeth heat the material at the surface being ground, and the heat plus the dynamo effect of the high speed spinning of conductive material cause the destruction of the all-important oxidation and other enzymes in the resulting juice. The juice is thus rendered almost useless for therapeutic purposes.

Low volume of juice. A centrifugal juicer typically produces about a third as much juice from the same raw material as a grind and press juicer, simply because the extraction method is less efficient. This is a big consideration if you need 13 juices a day, and the material must be (relatively expensive) organic matter. In fact, when used by a Gerson patient, even a relatively expensive grind-and-press machine will pay for itself in increased juice production in about a year.

Poor nutrient extraction. One of the staples of the Gerson Therapy is apple and carrot juice, comprising roughly half of all the juices on the Therapy. When the two are ground into pulp, and the pulp is stirred before being pressed in a filter cloth, the mixing of the two pulps allows acids from the apple to mix with the carrot pulp, releasing significant extra nutrients from the carrot pulp. This does not occur with a one-stage juicer, as the pulp does not get a chance to mix thoroughly, so the juice is not as rich in nutrients as that from a two-stage grind and press juicer. Much of the food value from the expensive organic raw material thus goes into the trash, rather than into the patient who needs it.


Can I do the Gerson Therapy while I’m doing chemotherapy?

This is a difficult question, but in general, the answer is no. Chemotherapy is a seriously toxic material, so toxic, in fact, that chemotherapy oncologists will not even stay in the same room when the patient is getting chemo pumped directly into his blood stream; a nurse will be assigned to the task. Since the Gerson Therapy is a detoxifying therapy, and is attempting to remove toxicity from the body due to its carcinogenic properties, adding toxins to the body simultaneously amounts to working at cross purposes.

Lately, however, we have seen very serious cases of cancer that have been so aggressive that they threaten the patients’ lives simply due to the fact that the tumor or cancerous process is proceeding too rapidly for a metabolic therapy to gain the upper hand. In these cases, chemotherapy can be used to slow the cancerous process down to the point that the Gerson Therapy can start to take effect before the patient expires. However, the potential for serious damage from the chemotherapy itself, including brain and liver damage, cannot be simply dismissed.

In that case, the Gerson Therapy practitioner will strike a very cautious balance between the potential damage from chemo and its necessary cancer-slowing activity. He will take great care to protect the brain and liver from the ravages of the highly toxic material, and use as little as possible of the substance, discontinuing it as soon as the body begins to respond with its own anti-cancer activity.

It is important that this process be done by, and under the supervision of a Gerson-certified practitioner.


Why are you so dead set against animal protein? Isn’t “organic” meat okay?

Animal protein in our modern setting is typically highly contaminated with residues from pesticides applied to the fodder, antibiotics and hormones applied directly to the animals, and natural toxins released due to the cruel and vicious treatment of animals before and during the feedlot and slaughter processes. The resulting poisons and chemical contaminants then become part of the meat that you consume. Meat produced in the US is so contaminated by antibiotics, in fact, that some countries refuse to accept it for import, considering it “tainted.”

In addition, feedlot practices in the US and elsewhere have evolved to maximize the size and speed of animal growth, or the lowest possible price for fodder, resulting in vegan ruminants being fed slaughterhouse offal in their feed, as well as GMO-tainted grains. Damage from the slaughterhouse waste causes the ruminants to become cannibals, and has resulted in pandemics of bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE), commonly known as “Mad Cow” disease. Humans consuming meat tainted with BSE can develop their own version of the disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), that mimics very aggressive, early-onset Alzheimer’s. Nobody wants to consume animal protein produced from GMO-laced fodder, but with the successful efforts of Monsanto and others, this damage is hidden by a prohibition against labeling foods containing GMO components.

Even if the animals were grown under ideal and “organic” conditions, however, animal protein would still not be good for humans to consume.

Cancer thrives on fat, and since there are twice as many calories per gram in fat than in protein, an equal amount of fat and protein in a steak (a typical ratio) will result in twice as many calories of fat intake as from protein intake. Fat is also the carrier of many oil-soluble contaminants, including hormones and pharmaceuticals, adding to its danger.

Animal protein, when metabolized (or digested) to the point where all the food value is removed, leaves an ash residue that is high in phosphorous. When this ash passes through the intestinal tract, the phosphorous combines with body fluids to produce phosphoric acid, lowering the pH (or raising the acidity) of the entire body system. A healthy pH, which the body will try desperately to maintain for its proper functioning, is slightly alkaline, at about 7.35-7.4 pH. (Neutral pH is 7.0, with lower numbers indicating acid, and higher numbers indicating alkalinity.) In order to neutralize the acid formation, your system will “borrow” calcium carbonate from the skeletal structure to neutralize the acid, in the process slightly weakening the skeleton. Over a lifetime of borrowing without restoring the calcium carbonate, the bones can lose up to 70% of their calcium, resulting in serious osteoporosis, a very painful and sometimes fatal ailment, rampant in our high protein consumption society.

In addition, cancer cannot thrive, or even survive in an alkaline environment, so constantly acidifying the environment with the metabolites of animal protein is simply daring cancer to occur and thrive. We see the results in our steadily escalating cancer rate. At the turn of the 20th century, cancer struck about one in 50 people or less; today, cancer will strike about one in 2.3 Americans, an increase of more than 20-fold in one century!

Consuming animal products is a carcinogenic activity, perhaps the most widespread in the world, so when attempting to reverse cancer, they must be strictly avoided.

What is the difference between organic food and GMO food? The USDA (US Department of Agriculture) says they’re virtually the same.

Though we pay their salaries, the USDA is, in essence, an enforcement arm of Monsanto and the producers of GMO foods, and their associated powerful and dangerous herbicides (specifically RoundUp®). Monsanto has mounted immense and expensive campaigns to prevent independent testing of any of its products for long-term safety and/or effectiveness, and requires us to take their word for the product’s safety, as well as lobbying heavily against the labeling of foods containing GMO ingredients. Thus, their statements that GMO foods are “essentially” identical to natural foods rings very hollow. This is emphasized by the fact that they have patented their GMO seeds and plants, something you could not do if the plants or foods were identical, or even close.

When you keep in mind that the USDA is headed by, and staffed by, former Monsanto lobbyists, senior officers, attorneys, and staff, it is clear that the USDA has long been the victim of “agency capture,” a malady affecting all too many Federal agencies (CDC, FDA, etc.) these days, referring to the fact that the agencies have fallen under the total control of the very industries they are tasked with regulating, an intolerable conflict of interest. The USDA parrots the statements of the GMO manufacturers without testing them or verifying their truthfulness! Statements made by the government regulatory agencies that are not independently verified by scientists not under the agencies’ control must be ignored for any reasonable discussion.

Independent tests of both the GMO foods and their associated herbicides have shown both to be highly dangerous. RoundUp (glyphosate) is the most widely used herbicide in the world, yet it has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a class 2 carcinogen, and banned in many countries. Independent tests of GMO plants have shown that they can be carcinogenic and/or lethal to insects and test animals. Cattle grazing in pastures seeded with GMO grasses have been found dead within days. Ungulates in Alaska, fed commercial GMO-laced feed mandated by the State Wildlife Agency, have been dying at a horrific rate. All GMO foods MUST be avoided by human beings interested in living.


Organically grown foods are so expensive, and I’m on a tight budget. Can’t I make do with conventionally grown food, if I am vegan?

No. It is almost certain that consuming conventionally grown, prepared and processed foods is what gave you the illness you have in the first place! It will almost certainly not help the problem to continue the use of this material.

Becoming a vegan (consuming no animal products at all) is not enough. If you think about it, salt, MSG, NutraSweet, whiskey, beer, cigarettes and GMO foods can all be considered “vegan,” since they are not animal products. However, they are most certainly toxic and harmful to your body and immune system, even if you start out healthy! If you cannot get or afford organic food, you cannot do the Gerson Therapy, by definition.

Becoming vegan will help your health to some extent, since consuming animal products is so very harmful, but you will not be able to consistently reverse the “dread” diseases of our times using these products. Getting rid of salt will help you in whatever health status you are, but again, is not enough to reap the powerful benefits of the Gerson Therapy.


How often can I “cheat” on the Therapy and not affect the outcome?

The short answer, again, is “never.” The foods that are currently supplied in our processed and chemicalized food system are devoid of nutrition, highly poisoned, dead, useless items for living, much less for attempting to heal disease. The introduction of so much as one meal of this toxic and empty material can be enough to undo weeks, even months of expense and hard work of juicing and preparing Gerson Therapy meals. Please do not do it. The documented and consistent good results of the Therapy depend on the precise and consistent implementation of the instructions from the books and, if you are fortunate to have one, your Gerson-certified practitioner.


I see a lot of mention about “modified” Gerson Therapy. What are they talking about?

This is tantamount to an oxymoron, or a “contradiction in terms.”

Some people look at the stringent requirements of the Gerson Therapy, the restrictions, the requirements for 13 juices a day, the five coffee enemas, the requirement for “all organic” materials, and they decide on their own, to cut it down, do what is more convenient, or less stringent, without ever having experienced the full power of the Therapy. Other people listen to whatever popular remedy they see on the Internet this week, and add that to their regime. Or they don’t like the green juice, or they prefer sprouts in their salad.

They then refer to this as a “modified” Gerson Therapy. That is wrong. It is either the Therapy, or it is not. Anyone who modifies the Gerson Therapy should honestly attach their own name to it, and take the credit or blame for the consequent success or failure for themselves. All too often, we have seen people say they did the “modified” Gerson Therapy, and it “didn’t work.” Simply enough, it was not the Gerson Therapy, it was whatever fantasy they had of what they like or don’t like, based on the Gerson Therapy principles.

Where this ultimately leads is to this kind of occurrence. A patient called some time ago, wanting an opinion on healing his cancer. When the suggestion was made that he go on the Gerson Therapy, he said, “I’ve tried that, and it didn’t work.” Apparently, his MD in Chicago had him eat an apple a day, claiming that was the Gerson Therapy. That is an extreme case of “modification,” but it illustrates the end result of modifying the Therapy to one’s own tastes.

Please don’t “modify” the Therapy until you have thoroughly understood and experienced the power of its scientific and long-proven principles. Then, if you do modify it, take the responsibility for it, and call it by your own name.


I have heard about the use of “accelerants” for the Gerson Therapy, like MMS (sodium chlorite), sodium bicarbonate, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, magnesium supplementation, and others. What are your thoughts about these?

We are very leery about the idea of “accelerants,” since, in our view, the body will heal as quickly as it safely and productively can. The Gerson Therapy has been in use for a very long time (nearly a century), and its effectiveness is not in question. We have seen many people try to “improve” or “simplify” the therapy, which admittedly is a tedious and expensive process (though NOTHING compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars and near zero results for chemotherapy and radiation), but hurrying it is not a productive exercise.

People who take shortcuts are not rewarded with success on this therapy, and people who think that one or another step of the Gerson Therapy is not necessary or outmoded, are virtually all bitten in the backside by the lack of results.

Charlotte Gerson was usually the one who would evaluate new methods and/or substances in a clinical setting, however, now at age 93, Charlotte is retired . Gerson Media is in the business of publishing books and DVDs, and getting the information out all over the world. We have no medical researchers or experts to work with or consult. We do not have regular contact with the doctors at the various clinics and no established method of exchanging ideas with them. We leave the modification and testing to the Gerson Institute and the physicians at the Gerson Therapy clinics.

At least two of the preparations mentioned in the question contain sodium, which has been found to promote cancer re-growth immediately. Remember “the cure is in the cause” therefore, the Gerson Therapy not only rebuilds your immune system, it eliminates the elements that caused the cancer or the disease in the first place.

When properly administered, according to the instructions, the Gerson Therapy works very rapidly. We’ve seen melanoma tumors either liquefy, erupt and spew out dead cells in a few weeks, or just fall off in a couple of months,. Do we really need faster than that? In addition, the lack of tumors is not the overall goal; it is the complete reconstruction of the immune system and all our vital organs. No matter how quickly tumors are eliminated, recede, or fall off, the Therapy still takes a year and a half to reconstruct the entire immune system from scratch. The fact that there are no more tumors, while encouraging, does not indicate recovery. That is an allopathic medical fantasy. Cancer is a condition of the entire body, and tumors are just one of the symptoms. So getting rid of the tumors, even if done in a non-harmful way, may still damage your chances of recovery by giving you a false feeling of security that you are “cured,” and preventing the complete and overall rebuilding of your immune system.

When you heal the immune system, it will get rid of the tumors on its own, at its own pace, and get on with the business of rebuilding every part of your body. Your body knows what optimal health is and it has a specific healing template that it wants to follow, whether you think it needs to or not.

Dr. Gerson discovered through extensive research, that if your body is provided nutrients from plant based sources, detoxified in a way the eliminates chemicals and poisons that are already in the body, the immune system turns back on and goes back to work healing all at once all over. That process cannot be hurried; nature has her own ways of doing things and your body’s regeneration process takes as long as it takes.

Remember that chronic disease is clear evidence that some portion of your immune system is no longer working, it is broken in some way. The manifestation of cancer is evidence of the total collapse of the immune system. Getting rid of the tumors is not a complete repair job. While it may be a measure of reversal, there is still more to mend and restore.

Over the course of the Gerson Therapy, the patient is building an environment that is in-hospitable to the growth and survival of both cancer. The cancer will die wherever it is but, no matter how fast or slowly that process happens, the resulting necrotic tissue (dead cells) must be removed by the body’s natural elimination processes. You can’t hurry that, either.


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