Esther – Breast Cancer with Liver Metastases

Gerson Therapy Success Story

Contributed: September 2006

“For those who don’t know me… I’m a 45 year old stage IV Breast Cancer patient, with metastases to liver and bones. In January 2004, when diagnosed stage IV, my liver was so covered in tumors that my liver was shutting down. My skin was completely yellow, even my eyes were yellow.

I didn’t know any better, so I began Chemo treatments at once. My onc[ologist] said that with treatment, we could hope for a year. I went in search of other options, and stumbled upon Max Gerson’s method. I figured I had nothing to lose. Liver mets from Breast Cancer has a very poor survival rate with traditional medical treatment. Fewer than 1% survive past two years. I celebrated my two-year anniversary of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer with metastases by skiing in Telluride, CO, one of the steepest mountains in the U.S.

Things are better than ever! My liver is fully functioning! Nothing in my bones! Nothing to treat! I was walking on air!!!

I’m not just here either… I snow ski 30 days a year, water ski every summer, rock climb, golf, motorcycle ride and travel frequently. I am followed by my traditional oncologist, who orders all my tests for follow-up. He can’t explain my marvelous progress. They say in his office that ‘I cured myself’ and that I am a ‘miracle patient’. Even my traditional oncologist is asking questions about my lifestyle and supplements.

So for me … the only proof that counts is how well I am doing and I know that lifestyle changes have had an enormous impact on my health.”

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