Dr. Nick Gonzalez and Helen Saul

Dr. Gonzalez will answer questions about the clinical “trial” of his enzyme therapy by the NIH/NCI and NCCAM against a chemotherapeutic regime. The trial was corrupted the minute it seemed to have the slightest chance of success, and Dr. Gonzalez’ latest book, “What Went Wrong” is a detailed and shocking chronicle of the sabotage, government and institutional corruption, bias and untruths perpetrated by the very institutions that we depend upon for our most important health information.

The systematic, complete and utter sabotage of the clinical trial of his therapy is an unintentional, but ringing endorsement of the therapy by its detractors. If they felt that they had to undermine it in every particular (as documented in the book), they must have been very afraid that any less destruction would possibly have resulted in success for the Gonzalez protocol.