Common challenges when changing one’s lifestyle for the better; assumptions, myths, habits, and understanding.

Our guest on Monday, April 16th was Sensei Bill Handel, Vice President of Marketing for Gerson Health Media, martial arts instructor, weapons expert and newly initiated Gerson Person. Bill came to Gerson Media after putting into practice just SOME of the admonitions in the documentary, “The Beautiful Truth” by Steve Kroschel , such as avoiding fast and processed foods, eating only organic foods. In two weeks, he and his wife lost nearly 20 pounds without trying, and without suffering any kind of deprivation!

Bill ran into many of the common problems that Gerson newcomers often run into, and wanted to discuss some of the surprising things he learned simply by having day-to-day discussions with Howard Straus. We take so many things for granted: air fresheners, fluoridated toothpaste, skin lotions, cosmetics, household cleaners, perfumes, anti-static pads we put in our dryers, and never realize how toxic they are in a subtle and invisible way … until we get sick.