Gerson Therapy

Developed by Dr. Max Gerson, MD beginning in the 1920’s, Gerson Therapy is acknowledged as the oldest, most effective and best-documented alternative cancer therapy in existence that has and 80 year record of success. LEARN MORE… About the Gerson Therapy About Charlotte Gerson Personal Stories About the Gerson Therapy Video Interviews About the Gerson TherapyRead More


The human body has amazing capabilities for healing itself and when provided with the right nutrition and combined with a powerful natural detoxification process, your body can repel any chronic degenerative disease – including cancer. Take a look at the following products, movies and books dedicated to the topic of natural alternatives to cancer.  Read More

Food & Diet

Great health starts with what we put in our bodies. Make sure you’re informed on the latest in food and diet health concerns with these informative products.   [product_tag tags=”food-diet” per_page=”41″]