About Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte GersonWhen Charlotte Gerson was 12 years old, she was healed of tuberculosis by her father, Dr. Max Gerson and it is important to note that at the time, tuberculosis was considered a death sentence, Now 89, she has the longest survival record of anyone who has been treated by the Gerson therapy. She is also the world’s leading authority on its theory, background, and practice. The youngest of Max Gerson’s three daughters, she began in her teens serving as her father’s assistant, studying with him and working in his practice.

When the family fled Germany before World War II and the Holocaust, she was 11 years old. The Gersons’ first stop was Vienna, Austria, where Charlotte contracted bone tuberculosis, then considered an incurable, fatal disease. Dr. Gerson cured her using his now famous therapy before they had to flee Austria for Ville d’Avray, France, then London. After they relocated in New York City, Max Gerson established a clinic for his seriously ill patients, where Charlotte spent many hours making rounds with him. She also continued her formal education, attending Smith College for two years before dropping out to marry her husband, Irwin. When her father died in 1959, she vowed his work would not die with him. With funds in short supply and opposition by such powerful forces as the drug companies and the American Medical Association, it would have proved a daunting task for one without Charlotte’s determination. She has never wavered in her dedication to her father’s work and has trained her children, Howard Straus, now 68, and Margaret Straus Dego, 64, to carry on after her, as Dr. Gerson trained her. Charlotte began lecturing, first locally, then around the country, and was even asked to appear twice on the Oprah Winfrey show in Baltimore and Chicago before Oprah went national. She has appeared on Christian Broadcasting, Trinity Broadcasting, and PBS and is regularly interviewed on radio stations nationwide. Until she was 82, she did annual lecture tours in England, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and Germany.

In 1977 she founded the Gerson Institute with Norman Fritz, president of the Cancer Control Society. The Institute established treatment centers and trained holistic physicians, nurses and kitchen help in the elements of her father’s nutritional treatment. Their training programs have expanded and now treat hundreds of practitioners and caregivers annually, coming from all corners of the globe.

She is renowned for her integrity and deep, intuitive understanding of chronic disease and its cure. She uses iridology, keen observation, skin tone, any clue she can to accurately assess a patient’s condition. She will often detect conditions and ailments the patient does not tell her about.

Howard Straus describes his mother: “There are people all over the world who love her and whose lives have been changed by the Gerson Therapy. She is a combination of Billy Graham’s fervent evangelism, Ralph Nader’s cautionary suspicion of industry, and June Cleaver’s warmth and maternal energy. She is absolutely rock solid, keeps her promises, generous, quite literally a world treasure, yet humble, like Dr. Gerson. Surgeons and naturopaths, chiropractors and patients seek her out with admiration and honor.”

Charlotte Gerson is the author of four books, with the most successful and acclaimed book being Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases. This book, an update and upgrade of Dr. Gerson’s 50-year-old A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases, has been translated into a total of twelve languages and published in eight as of this writing. Her latest books are Defeating Obesity, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure: The Metabolic Syndrome and Defeating Arthritis, Bone and Joint Diseases.

Because of the large and increasing incidence of these conditions, her books sell well all over the world. Charlotte has appeared in four documentaries directed by Steve Kroschel: The Gerson Miracle, Dying to Have Known, The Beautiful Truth and Alive Tomorrow. Because of her sterling reputation of integrity and unwillingness to compromise her principles, Charlotte has become the “Grande Dame” of alternative medicine, and is invited to appear in a documentary approximately every month or two. Charlotte has also authored many articles for the Gerson Healing Newsletter, and is the author of a series of nine introductory booklets on healing various disorders using the Gerson Therapy.

At 90, Charlotte is a true reflection of her father’s medical philosophy. She is in robust good health and continues to work full time in her practice. In Healing the Gerson Way she describes the methods she has used successfully for six decades to help thousands of people recover from cancer, hepatitis, heart disease and other “incurable” illnesses. It’s a must-read for patients who have attended Gerson Therapy clinics and want to continue the work at home. Also, many people who could not attend a clinic have found the help they needed from the book alone.

Today Charlotte Gerson lives in Southern California, and makes weekly rounds at the Gerson Therapy clinic in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. Though retired from the day-to-day operations of the Institute she founded, Charlotte remains an active member of its Board of Directors, participates in training sessions, lectures and appears on radio shows weekly, inspires, encourages and advises practitioners, patients, radio listeners and millions around the world.

About Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max GersonThe story of the Gerson Therapy began in Germany back in 1906, when newly minted Dr. Max Gerson was an intern. He had such crippling migraine headaches that he just couldn’t bear them, and vowed to find a way to eliminate them or die trying. His learned professors and top libraries could not help him, as migraines were considered “incurable.” After much research into the vast medical literature, he found one vague reference in an old Italian medical text indicating that diet might have some influence over migraines.

Other diseases
Using his own body as a test tube, Gerson introduced one food after another, to see if any of them caused or prevented migraines. The ones that caused migraines were put on one list, those that resulted in no migraine on another. After two years, he had divided all foods into “migraine” and “no migraine” foods. To his great joy, as long as he stuck to the “no migraine” foods, he suffered no more migraines!

Once in private practice in Bielefeld, he got so many inquiries into migraine treatment that he had his diet printed up, and handed it to all migraine sufferers, with very satisfying results.
One day, a migraine patient returned to him with the news that Gerson’s “migraine diet” had banished his long-standing skin tuberculosis! Gerson was astonished, but curious, and began treating skin TB patients with his diet, also with great success. Associated diseases would also be healed when the TB was, leading Gerson to formulate a new theory of disease and healing, a radical departure from the drugs and surgery approach of his colleagues.

The wife of Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer cured her lung tuberculosis on Gerson’s diet, resulting in a lifelong friendship and mutual admiration and respect between the two men. Gerson’s diet eventually cured Schweitzer himself of type 2 diabetes, from which he was dying. Schweitzer lived another 18 years, to age 93.

Champions of the Therapy
After fleeing Germany during the Holocaust, Gerson finally landed in New York City, got his medical license, and began treating not only TB but cancer, which he had found also yielded to his “migraine diet”. When he did that, he earned the fury of the American medical community and the pharmaceutical industries, who were making large fortunes treating, but not curing, cancer. But Gerson continued his research and success until his death (under suspicious circumstances) in 1959. Though no physician would continue his work after Gerson passed away, his daughter Charlotte Gerson [Straus] carried on the task, publishing his book, lecturing internationally, founding clinics and the Gerson Institute, that continues his work to this day.

“Alternative” Therapy
Like any other cancer therapy, there is no guarantee of success with the Gerson Therapy. But its results are markedly and demonstrably far better than any allopathic therapy, especially since most of the patients who decide to approach their illness this way have been declared “terminal” by conventional allopathic oncologists, in other words, with an expectation of zero survivals. Of these “terminal” cases, the Gerson Therapy has been shown to reverse 30-40% of the patients, returning them to robust good health and a long life. The documented success rate is far better, of course, the earlier stage the cancer is attacked with Gerson’s therapy. The Therapy has been shown to be remarkably effective against virtually all chronic, degenerative diseases, normally considered “incurable.”

Gerson found that by altering the body’s internal “terrain”, he could make it inhospitable for cancer to grow or survive, and did so by detoxification and flooding the body with organic, vegan nutrients, a large part of that nutrition as juices. Practitioners today remain committed to reversing the modern diseases that plague us by using organic, vegan, salt-free and fat-free nutrition, plus regular detoxification of the liver, with excellent results…

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About The Gerson Therapy

gerson therapy

The Gerson Therapy is an all-natural therapy that rebuilds and reboots your immune system and your body’s natural defenses that have kept you healthy for years. You see, most diseases are not foreign invaders that just showed up and started attacking your body, they have actually been on the attack since the day you were born. What has kept you healthy is your immune system battling these diseases 24-7. It is only when your immune system breaks down and part of it stops working that disease can then take hold.

The Gerson Therapy repairs the biochemical processes necessary for health. It restores your immune system, returns your natural defenses back to full strength and over time, restores you to vibrant health.

Developed by Dr. Max Gerson, MD beginning in the 1920’s, Gerson Therapy is acknowledged as the oldest, most effective and best-documented alternative cancer therapy in existence that has and 80 year record of success.

From its inception as a “migraine diet”, to its use in healing tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases, Gerson Therapy demonstrates the human body’s amazing capabilities for healing itself and that when provided the right nutrition and combined with a powerful natural detoxification process, it helps your body to repel any chronic degenerative disease.

Dr. Gerson’s research showed that degenerative and chronic diseases are caused by two things…

Toxicity + Nutritional Deficiency

Toxicity is accumulated from the pollution in the food, water, air and numerous chemical substances absorbed from your environment.

Deficiency is the result of a diet that consists of artificially raised, chemically treated, processed and flavored foods, that are engineered to appeal to your taste buds but , empty of real nutritional value. After a lifetime of chemical accumulation and low nutritional support, your body’s defenses break down and the result is the manifestation of one or more “chronic” diseases.

The Gerson Therapy reverses both of these conditions by flooding the body with fresh, organic nutrients, obtained from large amounts of organically grown fruits and vegetables to repair the terrible deficiency that has starved the body. At the same time, the toxins forced from the cells must be rapidly eliminated from the liver, a task that requires the application of up to five coffee enemas per day. Though the coffee enemas seem to be an odd remedy by western standards, they are the most powerful detoxification available to you and serve as a side effect to rapidly relieve the most intense pain.

One of the main benefits of the Gerson Therapy is its rapid elevation of the pH, or alkalinity, of the body. Cancer cannot survive an alkaline environment, and the proteolytic (protein-digesting) pancreatic enzymes that normally keep cancer in check are reactivated in a alkaline environment. Additionally, the red blood cells that supply every one of our trillions of cells lose their ability to carry oxygen at low pH (acidic) values. When the vegan diet raises the pH of the blood stream, disease processes become disabled while the body’s immune system, deactivated by an acidic environment, begins to become active again, attacking the disease causing organisms.

The turnaround can be, and is quite often, very dramatic in its speed and effect.

Created in the 1920s by Dr. Max Gerson, the Gerson Therapy is the most effective all natural solution ever created for restoring and maintaining good health. Dr. Gerson’s research led to the simple conclusion that cancer and most chronic diseases can only take hold if your body’s natural defenses are compromised.

Your immune system is on guard 24/7, 365 days a year. It protects you from illness, defends against biological invaders and it maintains numerous delicate biochemical processes that are necessary for your health. In simple terms, you immune system keeps you healthy and disease free until it becomes damaged or broken and stops working in one or more ways and that is when disease may then take hold..

After years of investigation and treating patients with natural methods, Dr. Gerson realized the body’s defenses fail because of Toxicity & Nutritional Deficiency.

Lets review…


results from the “Better Living Through Chemistry” philosophy of our modern world, where…

  • Bug killer, weed killer and chemical fertilizers are sprayed onto the plants we eat
  • Pollution is pumped into the air we breathe
  • Chemicals of all kinds are dumped into our oceans, lakes and water supplies
  • People are fed hazardous Fluoride waste under the pretense of being good for their teeth
  • Farm animals are given…
    • Growth hormones so they produce a greater profit
    • Antibiotics and other drugs so they can survive their harsh lives
  • Pre-made Industrial foods are filled with chemicals that…
    • Enhance taste so that you will buy more
    • Turn off the “I’m full” switch in your brain so that you will eat more
    • Preserve and extend shelf life so their “merchandise” will survive longer on the shelf
  • Drugs are given for every ill, pain and strain
  • Soaps, shampoos, deodorants and almost all personal hygiene and cosmetic products contain degreasers, alcohols, parabens, fragrances, stabilizers, solvents and numerous other chemicals.

AND REMEMBER… anything that you put on your skin, goes right into your body and blood stream without any filtering or breakdown. Household cleansers are made with ammonia, chlorine and other dangerous chemicals that can be inhaled and absorbed through the lungs your skin and may leave a residue


Comes from eating nutritionally depleted, genetically engineered, pesticide laden, salted and sugared foods, loaded with preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, sweeteners and thousands of chemicals.

Think about it…

After years or maybe decades of absorbing chemicals and toxins from all around you, then eating nutrient deficient, ready-made, prepackaged, heat & eat, industrial foods loaded with chemicals, additives,preservatives, dyes, and many kinds of nonfood fillers, your body’s defenses eventually become overwhelmed, leaving you wide open to cancer and any number of chronic diseases.

The Gerson Therapy is a Powerful Solution
The process of restoring your natural defenses and rebooting your immune system is simple…

  • Drink flavorful organic juices throughout each day. The prescribed Gerson juices, made from organic fruits and vegetables, bathe your 100 trillion living cells in a constant stream of health giving vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes
  • Follow an organic plant-based diet, with lots of raw and cooked foods. This floods your body with more vitamins, minerals, nutrients along with the critical health promoting enzymes necessary to repair your body
  • Detoxify your body at the cellular level using a powerful natural process that flushes chemicals and toxins from the liver.
    Prevent depletion of your organs and interruption of critical biological processes by eliminating…
    • Industrial foods with chemicals, preservatives, dyes and additives
    • Animal Protein
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking
    • Drugs
    • Sugars
    • Salts
    • Fats
    • Oils
    • Dairy Products
    • Fluoride
    • Chlorine
    • Eliminate further poisoning of your body by removing the sources of chemicals and toxins in your environment
    • Household cleansers
    • Fabric softeners
    • Non-Organic soaps and shampoos
    • Perfumes and deodorants
    • Air Fresheners

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