The Surprising Connection Between Your Immune System, Cancer & Disease

Cancer & Disease

Immune System, Cancer & Disease

“I see in Gerson one of the most eminent medical geniuses ever to walk among us.” –Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Cancer is one of the most terrifying diagnoses anyone will ever receive. Obviously lifestyle and health implications are a great worry and among other things, the possibility of a shortened life and financial ruin are terrifying. Unfortunately, the possibility of being healed is depressing as well, because despite a century of medical research and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to “find a cure,” the efforts of our best and brightest have apparently been in vain. Most forms of this disease are still considered “incurable” by modern allopathic medicine. While surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, may sometimes produce a temporary reduction in tumor size, there is little, if any, relationship between that improvement and long-term survival. Almost invariably, after a period of “cancer free” existence (“remission”) , which may be shorter or longer, depending upon the individual’s lifestyle and exposure to cancer-causing elements, the cancer may come back in the same, or possibly a different form. The cancer can often be more aggressive, and possibly more resistant to the agents and techniques previously used to drive it back.

What practitioners of allopathic, or symptom-oriented medicine won’t tell you, is there are many natural, metabolic therapies for cancer that have been around for decades, and they have produced the same, if not better results than today’s profit-oriented systems. The modern medical establishment, with potentially harmful drugs and risky side effects, along with shiny and expensive machines has only produced disappointing results considering the ruinous expense and terrible quality of life issues, it hardly seems worthwhile to pursue this course

You may saying to yourself right now, “Well if this is true, then what should I do if I get cancer?”

Dr. Max Gerson’s research showed that if you rebuild and re-boot your immune system, the body’s natural defenses quickly go back to work repairing damage and eliminating disease.

You see, cancer is not a foreign invader! You do not get it by touching a doorknob with cancer on it, then rubbing your eye or scratching your nose. Cancer cells occur naturally, and it is your immune system that hunts these cells down, destroys them, and replaces them with a stem cell. It is only when your immune system breaks down and loses its defensive capabilities, that cancer cells then grow out of control, bringing about deadly results.

So doesn’t it make logical sense, that if you turn your immune system back on and get it working again, that your own natural defense mechanisms will take care of the cancer? Yes, it sure does!

Enter The Gerson Therapy… In response to his own crippling migraine headaches, young Dr. Max Gerson began looking for something, anything that would give him relief. He tried everything he learned in medical school and many different types of treatment. He sought advice from his medical school professors and other doctors, all to no avail.  Eventually Dr. Gerson came across an old medical text that suggested a salt free, vegetarian diet would rid him of headaches and indeed, it finally provided him some relief. With research, Dr. Gerson perfected his migraine diet and began using it to treat patients. Some of his migraine patients, who by chance also had tuberculosis, found the diet worked to cure that as well. (It is important to note that tuberculosis was the scourge of its age, much like cancer is today.) Later, Dr. Gerson was approached by a woman with cancer, who was convinced his diet treatment would work for her, and she persuaded him to take her as a patient. After the woman was healed, Dr. Gerson realized that the diet therapy was not treating a specific disease, but rather it was restoring the immune system, allow the body’s natural defenses to return it to health.

Today, The Gerson Therapy® is possibly the oldest, best documented, and most effective of the alternative therapies in existence.

Through research, Dr. Gerson came to realize that it was the combination of nutritional deficiency and chemical toxicity that slowly degraded the immune system and damaged its ability to defend the body against disease. He also reasoned that if toxicity and nutritional deficiency enabled disease, then flooding the body with nutrients and ridding it of toxins, would have to restore immune system and return it to full strength.

Over time, Dr. Gerson proved his theory was correct. Providing the body high amounts of bio-available vitamins, minerals, nutrients and living enzymes, in addition to detoxifying the liver (that removes chemical poisons and toxins accumulated over one’s lifetime) re-establishes the immune system. With the body’s natural defenses back in full working order, diseases can not only be reversed, they can be prevented as well.

Think about it this way, if you live a Gerson lifestyle before you are sick, you will eliminate many of the underlying causes of disease, thus preventing illnesses before they even begin. Now that’s a truly effective way to be well and stay healthy, your entire life.

Diagnosed with Cancer? Is There an Effective Alternative Therapy?

cancer therapy

Alternative Cancer Therapy

Every day, thousands of people face the terrible reality of being diagnosed with an “incurable” illness, whether it is cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or so many others. For allopathic, or “symptom-oriented” medicine, these ailments are indeed incurable – the methods and drugs that are used to treat them in our current medical system are ineffective at best, and at worst, cause further serious damage and even death.

It is for this reason that cancer and other “chronic” or degenerative diseases are such dreaded conditions: we “know” from media stories, relatives, neighbors, friends and media-hyped celebrities who fall ill that such a diagnosis is the beginning of a slow, or not-so-slow, descent into medical hell, ending inexorably in a painful, inevitable, financially ruinous death.
But what we think we “know” about cancer is only what the allopathic medical community wants us to know. What if we had the power to reverse these “incurable” ailments right in our hands, and were able to recover by our own actions, without the expensive and catastrophically damaging measures that physicians subject us to?

Cancer, contrary to prevailing belief systems, is NOT based on your genetic makeup, or some accident of fate. If it were, the cancer rates would pretty much stay the same from generation to generation. Yet, around the turn of the 20th century (ca. 1900), the number of people who got cancer was considerably less than one in 50, while today, after billions, even tens of billions of dollars of research money expended, and millions of cancer deaths, the rate stands at one in 2.3 and rising! That means that cancer is over 20 times as prevalent as it was for our grandparents and great-grandparents. No matter what you hear, or what our failing cancer establishment wants you to hear, our genetic structure does not, cannot change that quickly. Even if it could, it would not make these enormous changes in a direction that goes counter to the survival of the human body, and thus counter to human survival into the future.

What has changed in the past century or so is our agriculture and food-delivery systems, our intake of dangerous pharmaceutical and food-processing chemicals, the vast pollution of our water, air and food by corporate interests intent on making a profit no matter what the cost is to you.

What we must change in order to recover from metabolic (lifestyle) diseases like cancer is our intake of toxic substances, devoid of nutrition, poisoned by the many chemicals we are exposed to, and pay attention to what REALLY causes cancer.

Perhaps the most influential and powerful influence in the cause of cancer is the [over-] consumption of animal protein: meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy. We are told (falsely, it turns out) by the beef, chicken and pork marketeers that we “need” animal protein. Our food advertisers, our food distributors, our food sellers act on that belief, and provide us with huge portions of animal protein every day, unprecedented in human history, and rising constantly. If the consumption of animal protein was the most significant cause of cancer, one would expect to see a rapidly escalating cancer rate, and, in fact, that is what we DO see. The more animal protein a culture consumes, the higher its cancer rate.

When we add to that the triggering influence of noxious chemicals, tobacco, alcohol, MSG, Aspartame, food coloring, preservatives, GMOs and the near-total lack of nutrition provided by processed, commercially grown foods, is it any wonder that conventional physicians consider cancer “incurable?”

What we need to do to prevent and reverse cancer is to reorient our food choices from items that tickle our taste buds and noses, to items that will improve and support our healthy immune systems. No amount of surgery, poisonous chemotherapy or burning radiation will ever succeed in doing that. That is why, as long as we approach cancer from the direction of “symptom relief”, we will never solve the cancer problem. We must change our lifestyles, our food choices, our taste buds, and start eating for our health, rather than eating for amusement.
When we really pay attention to our intake and lifestyle, and use them to bolster and enhance our health, the body can, and will, recover its healing power very quickly, and will heal and reverse even the most serious of “incurable” diseases.