Betsy Heilman

My guest on the show Monday will be Betsy Heilman, a cancer recovery from EOPPS (extra-ovarian post peritoneal sarcoma), declared “terminal” by the Mayo clinic in 2003. In their experience, NOBODY had ever survived the stage and disease she had. She appeared in the first Gerson documentary, The Gerson Miracle, in 2004 while at the Gerson clinic in Mexico, and again in the third one, The Beautiful Truth, in 2008. Besides her ailment, her challenges included living in Talkeetna, in the back of beyond in Alaska, 75 miles further north than Wasilla, and living in a one-room cabin near Denali (Mount McKinley). Now, she is subject to ongoing censorship and harassment by the Mayo Clinic, which apparently would have rather she died in the “right” way than lived in the “wrong” way. Threats of arrest and worse, having film clips of her removed from the Internet, illegal alteration of her medical records, and more. And this from physicians who believe that “stress” causes cancer!