Becky L. – Pesticide Poisoning

Gerson Therapy Success Story

“Three and one-half years ago, I was dying. I had been struggling for 18 years following poisoning by pesticides. Progressively my body wore down. Now, turned-aggressive lymphoma was killing me. And I couldn’t add more toxic material, called chemotherapy, to my already toxic body.

A dear friend placed a bag of Gerson literature on my sickbed, and I began to read and read. My mom picked up my friend’s Norwalk juicer, a bag of organic carrots, etc., and we began “The Healing Adventure” at home. My body cried out with the very first juice, “I LOVE this food! I feel HORRIBLE!” (I did not have the means to come to the Gerson Hospital, but it would have been a far better way to begin.)

The first juices activated long-gone immune responses. In the first three days, the tumor on the side of my thigh turned to mush and disap¬peared. And the stationary, poisoned lymph began to move. Because the lymphoma was systemic and the toxic load in my body had destroyed so much, I have had a continual series of difficult reactions as different parts and organs of the body took their turn at “turning on” to cleanse and rebuild. Buckets and buckets of the old putrid matter passed from the intestines. Lumps were coughed up from the lungs. Old black material was expelled from the uterus. Rock hard lymph glands softened and shrank. My body had undergone structural changes, had turned on morbid organs, and, at one point, had to regrow a fingertip I had accidentally cut off.

After 3½ years on the Therapy, I still have a way to go due to the high toxic load still being eliminated. The Therapy is demanding; at times I felt I was running a marathon. But we can’t cave in. Whether we can see through the dark cloud or not, there is so much to live for. I know that the desire to live was stimulated by my loving family and God above. My girls are now 10 and 12. They and my hard working husband and mother were a tremendous source of strength and encouragement. Where would I be without them?

I am continually awed that Dr. Max Gerson could discover an immune-stimulating, total-body therapy and have the courage and ability to explain it. I am deeply thankful for Charlotte Gerson’s patient perseverance and clear words.

I give God the glory. And how I look forward to seeing my children grow and to some day seeing my grandchildren!”

Becky continues her recovery and is close to being completely well at this time. Last news Feb. 2002 .

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