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Dr. Max GersonThe story of the Gerson Therapy began in Germany back in 1906, when newly minted Dr. Max Gerson was an intern. He had such crippling migraine headaches that he just couldn’t bear them, and vowed to find a way to eliminate them or die trying. His learned professors and top libraries could not help him, as migraines were considered “incurable.” After much research into the vast medical literature, he found one vague reference in an old Italian medical text indicating that diet might have some influence over migraines.

Other diseases
Using his own body as a test tube, Gerson introduced one food after another, to see if any of them caused or prevented migraines. The ones that caused migraines were put on one list, those that resulted in no migraine on another. After two years, he had divided all foods into “migraine” and “no migraine” foods. To his great joy, as long as he stuck to the “no migraine” foods, he suffered no more migraines!

Once in private practice in Bielefeld, he got so many inquiries into migraine treatment that he had his diet printed up, and handed it to all migraine sufferers, with very satisfying results.
One day, a migraine patient returned to him with the news that Gerson’s “migraine diet” had banished his long-standing skin tuberculosis! Gerson was astonished, but curious, and began treating skin TB patients with his diet, also with great success. Associated diseases would also be healed when the TB was, leading Gerson to formulate a new theory of disease and healing, a radical departure from the drugs and surgery approach of his colleagues.

The wife of Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer cured her lung tuberculosis on Gerson’s diet, resulting in a lifelong friendship and mutual admiration and respect between the two men. Gerson’s diet eventually cured Schweitzer himself of type 2 diabetes, from which he was dying. Schweitzer lived another 18 years, to age 93.

Champions of the Therapy
After fleeing Germany during the Holocaust, Gerson finally landed in New York City, got his medical license, and began treating not only TB but cancer, which he had found also yielded to his “migraine diet”. When he did that, he earned the fury of the American medical community and the pharmaceutical industries, who were making large fortunes treating, but not curing, cancer. But Gerson continued his research and success until his death (under suspicious circumstances) in 1959. Though no physician would continue his work after Gerson passed away, his daughter Charlotte Gerson [Straus] carried on the task, publishing his book, lecturing internationally, founding clinics and the Gerson Institute, that continues his work to this day.

“Alternative” Therapy
Like any other cancer therapy, there is no guarantee of success with the Gerson Therapy. But its results are markedly and demonstrably far better than any allopathic therapy, especially since most of the patients who decide to approach their illness this way have been declared “terminal” by conventional allopathic oncologists, in other words, with an expectation of zero survivals. Of these “terminal” cases, the Gerson Therapy has been shown to reverse 30-40% of the patients, returning them to robust good health and a long life. The documented success rate is far better, of course, the earlier stage the cancer is attacked with Gerson’s therapy. The Therapy has been shown to be remarkably effective against virtually all chronic, degenerative diseases, normally considered “incurable.”

Gerson found that by altering the body’s internal “terrain”, he could make it inhospitable for cancer to grow or survive, and did so by detoxification and flooding the body with organic, vegan nutrients, a large part of that nutrition as juices. Practitioners today remain committed to reversing the modern diseases that plague us by using organic, vegan, salt-free and fat-free nutrition, plus regular detoxification of the liver, with excellent results…

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