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Charlotte Gerson

History of Gerson Therapy

The History of Charlotte Gerson and The Gerson Therapy

When Dr. Gerson died in 1959, there was nobody to champion the Therapy or sell the books that Gerson had published, so Charlotte took up her father’s banner by default, lecturing, selling books, and eventually setting up and training staff for Gerson Therapy clinics in the US and Mexico. These clinics have helped thousands of patients with cancer and other “incurable” diseases to recover their good health and return to long and productive lives with their families.

Charlotte Gerson Lecture: Gerson Basics Workshop

Charlotte Gerson gives a lecture on the history and development of the Gerson Therapy, at the Gerson Basics Workshop.

Mike Adams Interviews Charlotte Gerson on The HealthRanger Show

This 40 minute interview exposes the truth about disease, cancer and the medical industry and amounts to one of the largest running conspiracies affecting the general public and their overall well-being.

Sherry Beall Interviews Howard Straus & Charlotte Gerson

Join Sherry Beall as she interviews Howard Straus and Charlotte Gerson on the “Healthy Planet, Healthy Me!” radio show.

Mike Adams Interviews Charlotte Gerson

Join Mike Adams of and Charlotte Gerson of The Gerson Institute in this fascinating interview about the history of mainstream oppression against cancer cures and leading anti-cancer doctors.

About Charlotte Gerson

When Charlotte Gerson was 12 years old, she was healed of tuberculosis by her father, Dr. Max Gerson and it is important to note that at the time, tuberculosis was considered a death sentence, Now 89, she has the longest survival record of anyone who has been treated by the Gerson therapy. She is also […]