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Through the Shadows


Produced by: Cori Brackett
A Book and Audio CD Combination

In 2002, Award-winning poet and film maker, Cori Brackett, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. With rapidly declining health, little success in healing and a grim prognosis from her doctors, she bravely turned to natural methods of healing that restored her life.

Cori invites you into her world of illness and recovery in this unique multimedia memoir, told in poetry and prose with an accompanying Audio CD spoken by Cori herself. You will gain an intimate glimpse into Cori’s long journey back to health, that speaks to hope and provides courage to anyone dealing with a serious illness in their life or that of a loved one.

On one level, Through the Shadows is a scathing indictment of allopathic medicine. On another, it is a rare, vivid glimpse into a life affected not just by aspartame poisoning, but by the root philosophy of the industrial food industry, that threatens everyone.

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