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    Cancer the Forbidden Cures

    $19.95 $17.95

    For history buffs, this film is a must have. For people looking for options outside of conventional medicine, this information could save your life. Cancer the Forbidden Cures is a fascinating documentary that exposes the corruption of the cancer industry and the extreme measures they will undertake to discredit, imprison, and professionally destroy any physician who treats cancer patients using natural or alternative methods. Any viable natural treatment is met with massive opposition by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. They have and will go to extreme measures to prevent the truth about effective natural treatments from reaching the public and interfering with their revenue stream. Profiled in this film are several therapies and natural methods of treating cancer that work very well, including The Gerson Therapy.

    [Run Time 93 Minutes – Release Date 2008]

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    A Film About Cell Phone Radiation

    Kevin Kunze, Director

    Mobilize is an explosive investigative documentary that explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation, including brain cancer and infertility. This thought-provoking film examines the most recent scientific research and the harsh challenges politicians face trying to pass precautionary legislation. Featuring interviews with expert researchers, major mobile phone associates and prominent politicians, Mobilize illuminates how the power of money can compromise public health.

    [UPC: 826262011697 – Run Time 84 Minutes – Release Date 2014]

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    CANCER is Curable NOW

    $19.95 $17.95

    Marcus & Sabrina Freudenmann

    CANCER is Curable NOW might be the breakthrough that brings alternative cancer treatment to the mainstream. This documentary pulls together more than 30 international doctors, scientists, researchers and holistic professionals from around the world, who have been working passionately in the field of cancer alternatives. You’ve probably heard about many of them in books and on TV, but if you’d like to see their knowledge distilled into a 90 min firework of insights, this movie is the place to do it. The almost two-hour movie is very professionally done with some great 3D animations and some sad but true cartoons to lighten things up.

    [ISBN: 0987086901 – Run Time 115 Minutes – Release Date 2011]

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    Healing Cancer from The Inside Out

    $16.95 $14.95

    Mike Anderson, Director, Actor

    This award-winning film is two hours long, in two parts, and covers a wide range of topics. Part 1, Curing Cancer, deals with the failings of conventional cancer treatments and shows how conventional medicine wildly – and deceptively – exaggerates the benefits of treatments, while minimizing the risks. Part 2, Healing Cancer, shows how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. It explains common misconceptions about cancer, shows how diets designed to fight cancer are more successful than conventional treatments.

    Mike Anderson is the author of the books Healing Cancer From Inside Out and The Rave Diet & Lifestyle, as well as the video entitled “Eating”.  Includes French, German & Spanish Subtitles

    [UPC: 705105262048 – Run Time 120 Minutes – Release Date 2009]

  • Rethinking Cancer


    Richard Wormser, Writer, Director

    Non-Traditional Approaches to the Theories, Treatments – and Prevention of Cancer.

    Rethinking Cancer is a educational cancer documentary featuring cancer survivor stories that provides a rare look into the psychological and therapeutic journeys of five men and women who used alternative cancer therapies to overcome serious illness. Their cancer survivor stories represent successes that mainstream medicine and the public ought to know about.

    Four of the featured subjects had been diagnosed with cancer; two of these patients were considered terminal cases. The fifth patient had a severe case of Lyme disease. All five have outlived their diseases, between 15 andnearly 40 years, thus far.

    [UPC: 820360138997 – Run Time 56 Minutes – Release Date 2009]

  • Healing Miracle Live – 3 DVD Set Vol. 1 includes…

    • 5 Steps to Health, Happiness & Sustainability by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
    • To shift paradigms from poisonous, polluting, chemically intoxicating, genocidal “health care”, to uplifting and freeing natural healing, we need more than activism and intelligence. Dr. Horowitz delivers an awe-inspiring presentation.
    • Unleashing Your Inner Healer by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger is a mind-expanding educational experience.
    • Mike presents NEW material on self-healing, including a section he calls, “How to be your own Placebo Effect.”
    • Curing the Incurables by Charlotte Gerson will completely alter your beliefs about genes, healing and your potential.
    • Charlotte leaves NO DOUBT about how to prevent, EVEN REVERSE disease-naturally. (without drugs or surgery)
    • Reversing Diabetes and Heart Disease by Julian Whitaker, M.D. details the medical truths (and lies) of our modern day healthcare system. This program could save YOUR life!
    • Don’t miss (and listen carefully) to Dr. Whitaker’s urgent warning to everyone at the end of his presentation.
    • All Juiced Up! with Jay Kordich, the Father of Juicing is an inspirational message about the power of juicing raw (living) fruits and vegetables.

    [Run Time – 151 mins. total]

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    The Billy Best Story: Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine

    $16.95 $14.95

    Billy Best

    The Billy Best Story is the true account of a young man who, in 1994, became a media sensation at the age of 16 when he ran away from home to escape chemotherapy. As his parents and the police mounted a nationwide search for him, his story became everyone’s passion, and the television networks snapped up the story for Dateline, 20/20, A Current Affair, and more. Thanks to that vast media coverage, Billy received an outpouring of support from the public, and he began a journey of discovery to find an alternative treatment for his cancer. Eighteen years later and still cancer free, Billy Best has teamed up with Linda Conti of Sandcastle Memoirs in South Yarmouth, MA to bring us his remarkable, triumphant story.

    [ISBN: 9780985497002 – 199 Pages – Paperback – 9x6x.5 – Pub: 2012]

  • World Without Cancer – DVD


    G. Edward Griffin

    Writer, Narrator

    This is a video adaptation of a documentary filmstrip which explains the scientific rationale for Laetrile therapy. It presents evidence that cancer, like scurvy or pellagra, is a deficiency disease. It is not caused by the presence of some mysterious virus or X- factor, but by the lack of an essential food factor that, increasingly, is deleted from the menus of modern man. The diets of cultures where cancer is rare is found to be 200 times more rich amygdalin or vitamin B17 than in the diet of industrialized societies. In its concentrated and purified form developed specifically for cancer therapy, this substance is known as Laetrile. A theoretical model for the biological action of Laetrile is presented. Included are dramatic case histories of terminal cancer patients who have recovered using Laetrile therapy. This film is Based upon the book of the same name.  We recommend purchasing the book and DVD  together, they compliment each other well.

    [UPC: 689076542326  – Run Time 60 Minutes – Release Date 2008]

  • World Without Cancer – Book


    G. Edward Griffin Mr. Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease like scurvy or pellagra aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modem mans diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. This is a new edition of the book. It is the most complete and authoritative treatise ever produced on Laetrile. It explains the theory by which Laetrile is believed to work. Case histories are included.

    [ISBN: 978-0912986197 – 368 Pages – Paperback – 9x6x.5 – Pub: 2011]