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    Ana Joanes, Director

    An underground documentary on the good food movement that became a massive grassroots success. FRESH outlines the vicious cycle of our current food production methods, while also celebrating the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are reinventing our food system. From a basketball player and former-executive-turned-urban-farmer to a poetic prophet of the fields who tells us: We can raise everything we need without any of the industrial food system. Director Ana Joanes takes her camera coast to coast and explores the lives of amazing Americans who are redefining the way we eat and how we live. FRESH features urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, sustainable farmer and entrepreneur, Joel Salatin, made famous in the book The Omnivore s Dilemma, and supermarket owner, David Ball, who challenges our superstore-dominated economy.  FRESH is an enlightening documentary and a stirring call to action that will transform the way you look at food.

    [UPC: 767685262788 – Run Time 72 Minutes – Release Date 2012]

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    Hungry for Change

    $24.95 $19.95

    Jamie Oliver, Joe Cross, James Colquhoun,

    Nutritional consultants and documentary filmmakers James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch have teamed up with the world’s leading experts in nutrition and natural medicine to create Hungry for Change—a groundbreaking documentary film and a practical, prescriptive companion volume to help you transform your eating habits and change your life. A “How-to Guide for Breaking Free from the Diet Trap,” Hungry for Change is based on the indisputable premise that “Food Matters,” as it exposes the truth about the diet industries and the dangers of food addictions, and enables you to take charge of your health and strengthen your mind and body.

    [UPC: 767685278628 – Run Time 89 Minutes – Release Date 2012]

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    Qi Gong – Discover the Ancient Art (Pronounced “Chi-Gung”)

    $17.95 $15.95

    Studio – True Mind

    This well filmed two DVD set is a comprehensive guide to understanding and learning the 4,000-year-old techniques of Qi Gong, the Chinese practice of aligning breath, movement and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation. Qi Gong was developed in China thousands of years ago and is now widely practiced throughout the world. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) teaches that illness and disease stem from an imbalance of Chi, the bio-energetic field that surrounds and flows throughout your body. The practice of Qi Gong builds and strengthens your Chi or energy, while also helping to open blockages so that it flows properly throughout your organs and extremities to improve health or maintain good health.

    [UPC: 826262007799 – Run Time 93 Minutes – Release Date 2012]

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    Tai Chi – Discover the Ancient Art

    $14.95 $12.95

    Studio – True Mind

    Now, for the first time, internationally renowned Tai Chi Master Jian Liu Jun shares his deep understanding of the principles of Tai Chi Chuan (literally “supreme ultimate fist”) with North American audiences. This famous martial art has been practiced for centuries, both for self-defense and its legendary physical and mental health benefits. Spiral Movements form the basis of all Tai Chi Chuan, and in this feature-length program,  Master Jian Liu Jun focuses on them as he teaches the Yi Ying, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Eight Trigrams, Spiral Movements and the Figure 8. The Figure 8 is a short form, which is ideal for learning the essential Tai Chi techniques. It is also one of the forms used in Chen style Tai Chi competitions. Every exercise is fully explained and illustrated in detail. Each chapter includes tips on how to get the best out of this superb interactive program

    [UPC: 0826262007690 – Run Time 107 Minutes – Release Date 2012]



    Producers: Foster & Kimberly Gamble

    This is empowering, must-see filmmaking, unlike anything you’ll have seen before – a combination call-to-arms and Disney ride. Producer, director and star, Foster Gamble (of the Proctor & Gamble family) along with his wife Kimberly Gamble, connect the dots in a plausible and powerful way. Suppression of Tesla’s free-energy discoveries; the harassment, ruin, and even murder of inventors working in ways that threaten Big Oil. The patient but inexorable reorganization of the world’s nation-states into continental “unions” (for easier control). The  prosperity and depression cycles permit bankers to scoop up the world’s assets at fire sale values. The puppet manipulation of both American political parties so that those in real control can never lose an election. Humanity is at a critical crossroads, the choices are enslavement or waking up. Is it all true? If it is, this is probably about the best case that can be made for it, as well as a clarion cry to resist.

    [UPC: 610256799872 – Run Time 132 Minutes – Release Date 2011]