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  • The Gerson Therapy at Home Series


    wow Charlotte Gerson & The Gerson Institute & The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy

    Watching this complete DVD set will provide a more thorough understanding of how the therapy works, methods for home application, and everyday practicality of the Gerson Therapy. Each volume contains lectures presented by Charlotte Gerson describing topics ranging from the history of the therapy to enema procedure to juicing techniques. The DVDs complement material presented in Healing The Gerson Way and offer a visual representation for ideas overviewed in the book.

    Volume 1: Overview and Patient Testimonials

    Volume 2: The Gerson Therapy at Home (Double Disc Set)

    Volume 3: Gerson Therapy Food Preparation

    [Run Time – 124 Minutes  –  Format, NTSC  –   Release Date –  2014]

  • Volume 1: Overview and Patient Testimonials


    Charlotte Gerson presents the history and theory of The Gerson Therapy.  She describes Dr. Max Gerson’s life and his development of the Gerson Therapy. Additionally, it discusses in depth the basic principles of deficiency and toxicity, and other topics include the chemistry of the body and the body’s innate healing mechanism. Inspiring testimonies from healed patients demonstrate some of the extraordinary recoveries achieved with The Gerson Therapy.

    [UPC: 9781937920135  –  Run Time   –  6×9  –   Pub: 2014]

  • Volume 2: The Gerson Therapy at Home (Two Disc Set)


    Charlotte Gerson provides practical information and guidance for those who are using the Gerson Therapy principles at home. Recorded live at one of the Gerson Institute’s educational seminars, it includes four hours of information, resources, common pitfalls, and question-and-answers.  The topics covered include: water, oil, organic food, “forbidden” items, spices, juicing/machines, menus, enemas (coffee and castor oil), flare-ups, medication, toxins, ozone and hydrogen peroxide, laetrile and other adjuncts, fasting, stress, protein sources, milk proteins, addiction, exercise, and more.

    [UPC: 9781937920135  –  6×9  –   Pub: 2014]

  • Volume 3: Gerson Therapy Food Preparation


    In the 3rd and final volume of the Gerson Therapy DVDs, Charlotte Gerson shows how anyone can prepare delicious, healthy Gerson Therapy meals and juices quickly and easily.  Other useful tips are included.

    [UPC: 9781937920135  –  6×9  –   Pub: 2014]

  • Terapia Gerson Dying to have Known

    Terapia Gerson


    DVD con sub titulos en español de la Terapia Gerson. Es la Película Dying to Have Known

    Este es el documental que salió en los Estados Unidos en el 2006. Como tal, es un buen compendio de historias personales de pacientes, doctores, y organizaciones sobre el tema de la terapia que ha ayudado a personas en stages 1, 2, 3, y 4 de cáncer. El DVD busca presentar casos sustanciales de personas que cambiaron la forma de pensar sobre las dietas y adoptaron la terapia de Gerson. También habla sobre las prácticas de agricultura en los países desarrollados que pueden contribuir a las enfermedades crónicas de las personas; melanoma/cáncer, obesidad, descalcificación de los huesos, y otras enfermedades que son comunes en países desarrollados. El punto principal del DVD es promover un ponto de vista diferente al de la medicina convencional de tratamiento de cáncer y otras enfermedades crónicas.

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    Dr. Max Gerson’s Interview on the Long John Nebel Radio Show

    $9.95 $7.95

     Gerson Health Media 

    This is a digitally remastered copy of the 1957 radio interview of Dr. Max Gerson by Long John Nebel, an influential radio show host in New York City. Dr. Gerson describes the Gerson Therapy in his own words, and discusses the treatment of his patient Johnny Guenther, Jr. and others. Topics include: processed foods, living food, industry opposition, and investigations by the American Medical Association. This is the only known recording of Dr. Gerson’s voice.

    From the mid-1950s until his death in 1978, Nebel was a hugely popular all-night radio host, with millions of regular listeners and what Donald Bain described as “a fanatically loyal following” to his syndicated program, which dealt mainly with anomalous phenomena, UFOs, and other offbeat topics.  Dr. Gerson’s interview on the show was originally scheduled for only an hour however, it went for more than three.  The reaction to Dr. Gerson’s interview was so enthusiastic, that he was scheduled for a second interview the next evening,  however for reasons unknown, Dr. Gerson appearance was cancelled at the last moment.

  • Heal Yourself Heal The World Legacy

    Heal Yourself Heal the World: The Legacy of Dr. Max Gerson (DVD)


    Finally, all of the Gerson Information in One Movie!

    Join Howard Straus (author, scientist, son of Charlotte Gerson and grandson of Dr. Max Gerson) for an in-depth examination of the Gerson Therapy— how it works, the science behind it and why it works. Heal Yourself Heal the World is a new review of the Gerson Therapy and for this retelling of the story, we created an attention-grabbing script and intertwined the best parts from the other films with new interviews, updated scientific information, modern graphics and even media from Dr. Gerson’s time.

    Heal Yourself, Heal the World includes . . .

    • Historical information on Dr. Max Gerson never before presented on film
    • In-depth explanations from scientists, researchers, and nutritional experts on the science behind the Gerson Therapy
    • Reports from doctors who use the Gerson Therapy to heal their patients
    • Personal stories from Gerson patients who healed themselves of cancer and other diseases using the Gerson Therapy

    Special Features

    • The original 1946 broadcast by popular radio reporter Raymond Gram Swing, who detailed the Congressional testimony of Dr. Max Gerson and the benefits of his then revolutionary new method of  treating cancer and disease

    • A downloadable and printable PDF of Dr. Gerson’s original testimony before the Pepper –Neely congressional subcommittee that was considering a $100 million appropriations bill for the study and treatment of cancer (This is a rare historical document because Dr. Gerson’s testimony was later removed from congressional archives)

    [UPC: 9781937920128 – Run Time 96 Minutes – Release Date 2013]

  • Sale! The Beautiful Truth

    The Beautiful Truth (DVD)

    $19.95 $9.95

    The Beautiful Truth

    Follow Garrett on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with cancer survivors who present their stories of triumph and healing by following The Gerson Therapy. Garrett also interviews scientists, doctors and researchers, who reveal that it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

    [UPC: 0082830939 – Run Time 92 Minutes – Release Date 2008]

  • Sale! The Gerson Miracle

    The Gerson Miracle

    $19.95 $9.95

    Gerson Health Media

    The Gerson Miracle introduces Dr. Max Gerson who developed The Gerson Therapy more than 80 years ago. A proven remedy for cancer and most chronic and degenerative diseases, Gerson Therapy employs a diet and de-codification regimen to rebuild the immune system and restore the body’s own ability to heal itself. Nine former patients talk about their successful recoveries from deadly cancers and Dr. Gerson s daughter, Charlotte discusses opposition from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and why they fear an all natural therapy that allows people to take control of their when health.

    [UPC: 800828309190 – Run Time 91 Minutes – Release Date 2009]


  • Sale! Terapia Gerson (Dying To Have Known)

    Dying to Have Known

    $19.95 $9.95

    Gerson Health Media

    Filmmaker Steve Kroschel presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to The Gerson Therapy's efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases as well as presenting hard scientific proof to back up their claims. Testimonies include: a Japanese medical school professor who cured himself of liver cancer over 20 years ago, a lymphoma patient who was diagnosed as terminal over 50 years ago and more.

    [UPC: 80082830929 – Run Time 80 Minutes – Release Date 2008]

  • Sale! Gerson Movie Collection Blu-Ray

    The Ultimate Gerson Movie Collection on Blu-Ray

    $17.95 $15.95

    Gerson Health Media

    The Gerson Movie collection contains the  three original Gerson movies all on one Blu-Ray disc.

    • The Beautiful Truth
    • Dying to Have Known
    • The Gerson Miracle

    [UPC: 9781937920111  – Run Time 80 Minutes – Release Date 2012]

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    Gerson Therapy Med-Pack

    $9.95 $7.95

    This CD contains many important and informative documents on The Gerson Therapy and is a must have for anyone doing research or needing support material on Dr. Gerson or the Gerson Therapy and its beneficial effect on health and the human body.  Some of the documents included are …

    • A downloadable and printable PDF of Dr. Gerson’s original testimony before the Pepper –Neely
    congressional committee considering a $100 million bill for the study and treatment of cancer. (a rare historical document because Dr. Gerson’s testimony was later removed from congressional archives)

    • Dr. Gerson’s original published articles in English
    • Transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Gerson himself
    •  A review of Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson Therapy by Dr. Andrew Saul
    • The history of the Gerson Therapy
    • Published papers and reviews of the Gerson Therapy by prominent doctors, scientists and researchers and much much more

    CD- ROM – Pub 2012 

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    Three Generations of Gerson’s Speak

    $9.95 $7.95

    Gerson Media

    This compilation audio CD contains …

    • Dr. Max Gerson’s interview on the Long John Nebel’s radio show January 15 1957
    • Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus on Tom Quinn’s “Perspectives” show on KSCO AM
    • Other interviews of Charlotte and Howard talking about the history and suppression of Gerson Therapy

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    Burzynski the Movie

    $19.95 $17.95

    Eric Merola, Merola Films

    This film documents the story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. A medical doctor, Ph.D and biochemist, who won the largest, and most convoluted battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history. Dr. Burzynski’s ability to successfully treat incurable cancer gene-targeted cancer medicine (called Antineoplastons) has angered the pharma-medical-industrial complex and prompted numerous investigations to halt his practice. Watch excerpts from the four Federal Grand Jury trials where Dr. Burzynski was exonerated and found not guilty of any wrongdoing. This jaw-dropping story will change the mind of anyone who believes the medical industry does not aggressively seek to shut down real cures for cancer and disease. New 2 disc set comes in 6 languages with lots extras and bonuses

    [UPC:  B005S4GCQO – NEW 2 DISC – 6 LANGUAGE SET – Run Time 105 Minutes – Rel Date 2010]

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    $19.95 $17.95

    The Film the AMA Does Not Want You to See Jeff Hays, Jeff Hays Film Production

    The “Medical Monopoly” spends millions a year trying to attack, ridicule, and discredit natural therapies. Doctored takes us into the world of five chiropractors who used natural methods, but they were labeled “an unscientific cult” you will see how they fought back in court and won a landmark verdict. Their heroic story forms the backdrop of one of the most personally compelling documentaries ever. Because of their bravery, the medical industrial complex is no longer blocking access to safe natural alternatives, pill popping is giving way to smarter preventative care, and purveyors of sickness are being shoved aside, resulting in a healthier life for us all.

    Doctored also examines…

    The “influencers” – the people who work to turn you into a pill popping, revenue generation unit.

    • Why more and more of modern medicine is about slick marketing from companies that profit when we’re in pain
    • Why aren’t we being told about the successes of natural therapies?

    The answers are almost beyond belief!

    [UPC: B00BOZQ54K – NEW TWO DISC – SIX LANGUAGES SET – Run Time 100 Minutes – Release Date 2010]