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  • Dr. Max Gerson - Healing The Hopeless

    Dr. Max Gerson – Healing the Hopeless


    GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2013 Living Now Book Awards
    Howard Straus

    A detailed work on the life and struggles of Dr. Max Gerson and the development of his all-natural cancer therapy.

    Author Howard Straus, President of Gerson Media and the grandson of Dr. Max Gerson, chronicles the life, and achievements of Dr. Max Gerson. The book discusses the development of Gerson’s world-famous dietary therapy and the struggles this medical pioneer faced as he challenged orthodox medicine with his nutritional protocol. This inspiring and uplifting biography follows Dr. Gerson through Nazi persecution, then persecution in the United States from the medical establishment, the continuation of his work despite the opposition, his death under questionable circumstances, and finally the present, where daughter Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute work to continue his legacy and vision

    [ISBN: 978 0976018612 – 412 Pages  –  Paperback  –  6×9  –   Pub: 2009]

    Living Now in Gold AwardDr. Max Gerson Healing the Hopeless “Evergreen Health and Wellness Titles” category GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the 2013 Living Now Book Awards. These awards are designed to honor those kinds of life-changing books, and to bring increased recognition to the year’s best lifestyle, homestyle, world-improvement and self-improvement books and their creators.

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    A Special Collector’s Edition Signed by Author Howard Straus
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    Doctor Max

    $27.95 $21.95

    Giuliano Dego

    Dr. Max is a biographical novel of the heroic life of Dr. Max Gerson, originator of the most significant medically-based cure for cancer to emerge in modern times. Beginning in 1933, the novel details Gerson’s flight from Nazi Germany and the subsequent struggles of Andrej Markhoff (an emigre Russian aristocrat and former patient) to write the doctor s story. Years later, Guliano Dego recovers Markoff’s papers and is at once captured by the drama of Gerson’s life. He travels to Mexico, to Gerson’s clinic in exile, where he observes the method first-hand and uncovers new and shocking facts in the plot to suppress Gerson’s work. In the novels gripping finale, the author finally discovers both the fate of Andrej Markoff and the forces behind the international medical collusion to block The Gerson Therapy.

    [ISBN: 9780882682013 –  767 Pages  –  Paperback  –  8.3×5.5×1.6  –   Pub: 1st Edition 2010]

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    Dr. Max Gerson’s Interview on the Long John Nebel Radio Show

    $9.95 $7.95

     Gerson Health Media 

    This is a digitally remastered copy of the 1957 radio interview of Dr. Max Gerson by Long John Nebel, an influential radio show host in New York City. Dr. Gerson describes the Gerson Therapy in his own words, and discusses the treatment of his patient Johnny Guenther, Jr. and others. Topics include: processed foods, living food, industry opposition, and investigations by the American Medical Association. This is the only known recording of Dr. Gerson’s voice.

    From the mid-1950s until his death in 1978, Nebel was a hugely popular all-night radio host, with millions of regular listeners and what Donald Bain described as “a fanatically loyal following” to his syndicated program, which dealt mainly with anomalous phenomena, UFOs, and other offbeat topics.  Dr. Gerson’s interview on the show was originally scheduled for only an hour however, it went for more than three.  The reaction to Dr. Gerson’s interview was so enthusiastic, that he was scheduled for a second interview the next evening,  however for reasons unknown, Dr. Gerson appearance was cancelled at the last moment.