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Personal Stories

Lawrence K. – Pancreatic Cancer

During my annual physical in the fall of 1993 the doctor “felt” something in my abdomen that he thought might be an aneurysm. The ultrasound technician could not get a good picture because something in my stomach kept getting in the way.

Lyle B. – Muscular Dystrophy [Dr. Gerson’s Direct Patient]

Late last year, a friend who is also very much interested in the Gerson Therapy, did a study of a number of Dr. Gerson’s former patients. Since it is just now 40 years since Dr. Gerson passed away, it is hard to find any of his former patients if for no other reason than that they would have died of old age. As the researcher found, many of those patients, in fact, did die of old age, having recovered from cancer or other chronic diseases under Dr. Gerson’s care.

Gray R. – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

In October 1995, being examined for a kidney stone, my husband Gray, aged 38, was diagnosed with early stage Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Conni S. – Melanoma

One day in May, 1996, while undressing, I noticed that a mole on my left little toe had changed. I was 50, and it had always been there but at that time it was distinctly different. It was larger, darker and reddish.

Paul S. – Chronic Fatigue, Toxicity

In 2000 life was going well for me. I was 29 and making a good living as a contract computer programmer. I was living with my girlfriend and we did a lot of traveling to various European cities.

Don M. – Colon Cancer

I first noticed a sharp pain every few days in my abdomen on the right side. On our boat in British Columbia we went to a doctor in Canada who did X-rays and an ultrasound.

Bill D. – Stage 4 Melanoma

Contributed: 2005 “In December 2005 I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Early in 2006 I had a large mass removed from my back and a other smaller tumor from my lung. After a series of cat scans, pet scans, brain scans and bone scans I was tolsd a few months later that it had […]

Denae H. – Fibromyalgia

At the age of 16, I felt as if I were 90. I went from being a gymnast, musician, and honor student, to a lethargic medical mess. After a week-long hospital stay for an abscessed tonsil, I did not feel well again for seven years.

Becky L. – Pesticide Poisoning

Three and one-half years ago, I was dying. I had been struggling for 18 years following poisoning by pesticides. Progressively my body wore down. Now, turned-aggressive lymphoma was killing me. And I couldn’t add more toxic material, called chemotherapy, to my already toxic body.

Bill N. – Prostate Cancer

Just a note to bring you up to speed on the progress in my bout with prostate cancer. I was diagnosed with point in my life I classed myself as a model of health! I was by myself, selling real estate franchises, when I phoned my wife in Toronto she also was upset.

Jeffrey C. – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

“Dear Charlotte and the Gerson Staff, I have just recently completed one year on the full Gerson Therapy and would love to share my story in a way of saying thanks and in the spirit of hope for others who are considering the Therapy. I suffered with an acute case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for […]

Betsy H. – Ovarian Cancer

Contributed: May 2003 On May 22, 2003 at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with EOPPC : Extra-Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma, stage IV. The following is a brief summary of my medical history, my cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.I may be facing a similar situation, to raise awareness of the options available, and to […]

Thanks From Bettie RB

“Dear Mr. Straus: Thank you for the wonderful inscription in your book, and for your business card. How nice that was of you!And indeed, I am enjoying good health at the young age of 60 bodily years. My husband, Frank B. has a lot to do with that! You see, Frank found Dr. Gerson’s therapy […]

Esther – Breast Cancer with Liver Metastases

Contributed: September 2006 “For those who don’t know me… I’m a 45 year old stage IV Breast Cancer patient, with metastases to liver and bones. In January 2004, when diagnosed stage IV, my liver was so covered in tumors that my liver was shutting down. My skin was completely yellow, even my eyes were yellow. […]

Kevil M. – Testicular Cancer

Contributed: October 2006 “On October 12, 2006 I, Kevil M, was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. My left testicle was surrounded by a tumor like a baseball mitt surrounding a glove. My Urologist at the time removed the tumor, however, the team of doctors didn’t want to stop there; after abducting my testicle, they then wanted […]