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The Power of Natural Healing Radio Show

Power of Natural Healing Radio Show with Howard Straus

Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and top researchers, authors and experts, who will share their views on a variety of natural healing products and methods that will help you take control of your health.

Tune into The Power of Natural Healing with Howard Straus..

MONDAYS at on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel
11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

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Replays available at 11:00 PM Pacific Time and 2:00 AM Eastern time and 24 hours after the live broadcast right here at Gerson Radio.

Special Encore Presentation: Cori Brackett on Aspartame, EMR dangers, GMOs and glyphosate

Frequent guest Cori Brackett, director/producer of the documentaries “Sweet Misery” and “Sweet Remedy”, was in a wheelchair with MS

Jamie Holmes, on completing two years of Gerson Therapy

Jamie Holmes, a beautiful young actress, yogini, aerial acrobat and performer, and dancer, was diagnosed with “incurable” melanoma

Special Encore Presentation: The Power of Natural Healing with Emil DeToffol

I will be interviewing Emil DeToffol on his nearly 20-year crusade to protect people against electromagnetic radiation.

Sheila Gale: Prayer and Healing

Shelia Gale is a good friend, a mother, a radio host and a beneficiary and fan of the Gerson Therapy.

Liz Barris and the dangers of SmartMeters, cell phones

Liz Barris became an activist when her health started to be affected by the electromagnetic pollution caused by cell phones, WiFi, SmartMeters

Marilyn Barnes Bloom, 36-year melanoma and cervical cancer recovery

Marilyn Barnes Bloom will be talking about her journey from being a young Mom and art teacher diagnosed with malignant melanoma

Potpourri with Howard Straus

On this week’s Power of Natural Healing, we will discuss a wide variety of events and issues, including: the publication a month


We shall be discussing some of the new and revised books coming from Gerson Media, the new French translation

Jeromy Johnson on electrosensitivity and the dangers of SmartMeters

More and more wireless devices are surrounding us and being pushed into our environments without any consideration of the effects that exposure

Cori Brackett beats MS, talks about corporate and government corruption

In a wide-ranging interview, Cori Brackett, Shakespearean actress, director, producer, radio show host, medical researcher