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The Power of Natural Healing Radio Show

Power of Natural Healing Radio Show with Howard Straus

Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and top researchers, authors and experts, who will share their views on a variety of natural healing products and methods that will help you take control of your health.

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MONDAYS at on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel
11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

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Replays available at 11:00 PM Pacific Time and 2:00 AM Eastern time and 24 hours after the live broadcast right here at Gerson Radio.

Holiday health, Eating healthy to be defined as mental disease

Every year, ’round about the end of January or the beginning of February, many of the people around me get the flu that’s going around, and I don’t.

Tom Paladino: distant healing, new research on scalar energy

Tom Paladino has used his long research into the benefits and use of scalar energy to effect quantum healing, or distance healing of virtually every kind of malady imaginable.

Andrew Saul on the many benefits of Vitamins

Frequent guest Dr. Andrew Saul will be talking about his new film ‘That Vitamin Movie,’ about the documented benefits of vitamin supplementation in so many aspects of disease and health.

Francesca Dego, world class violinist, Dr. Gerson’s great-granddaughter

We have the extraordinary honor of interviewing Francesca Dego ‘full disclosure: my niece’, a world class violinist now visiting the US on a concert tour.

Encore: Kathleen Blake, decades-long recovery from thyroid cancer

Kathleen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 27 years ago, and was told that the surgeon wanted to remove her thyroid. This did not sound right to her, so she started to look for alternatives

Massimo Mazzucco, investigative film maker, bringing forward the truth

Massimo Mazzucco has devoted his life and energies to bringing forward the truth about many of the biggest lies that have been told to keep the population of the world in the dark and in fear.

Cosmetics, fluoride suit, Monsanto ecocide, Chinese translation

We shall be discussing a number of subjects, including the dangers of the unregulated cosmetics industry, and how cosmetics damage the health of young women, a lawsuit aimed at fluoridation in Southern California

Encore: Liz Barris and the dangers of SmartMeters, cell phones

Liz Barris became an activist when her health started to be affected by the electromagnetic pollution caused by cell phones, WiFi, SmartMeters

Kathleen Blake, Gerson Support Group moderator

Kathleen Blake, long-term healed thyroid cancer recovery, will share information about the Gerson Therapy Support Group on FaceBook that she moderates.

Celebrating Charlotte Gerson’s 94th Birthday with Margaret Straus

Charlotte’s daughter Margaret will be helping me celebrate Charlotte’s 94th birthday, talking about her health, accomplishments, publications, and people around the world whom she has helped.

Encore: Jamie Holmes, on completing two years of Gerson Therapy

Jamie Holmes, a beautiful young actress, yogini, aerial acrobat and performer, and dancer, was diagnosed with “incurable” melanoma

Sharon Whiteley and Pluggz grounding shoes

Sharon Whiteley is the founder of Pluggz Footwear and Listen brands. We’ll talk about how she got into the grounding footwear business, the benefits of grounding shoes, and the tremendous results that her customers and anyone who has tried grounding have experienced.

Encore: The Power of Natural Healing: Ms. Betsy Heilman

My guest on TPONH Monday will be Ms. Betsy Heilman, of Talkeetna, AK. This is just south of Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, and about 75 miles north of Sarah Palin’s Wasilla.

Encore: The Power of Natural Healing: Billy Best

Billy Best was a teenage runaway at age 16. He knew he had to avoid the forced chemotherapy that he was being given for his Hodgkins’ lymphoma

Helen Saul Case and her new book, Vitamins and Pregnancy

Helen Saul Case returns to The Power of Natural Healing with a new book, Vitamins and Pregnancy: the Real Story.