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The Power of Natural Healing Radio Show

Power of Natural Healing Radio Show with Howard Straus

Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and top researchers, authors and experts, who will share their views on a variety of natural healing products and methods that will help you take control of your health.

Tune into The Power of Natural Healing with Howard Straus..

MONDAYS at on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel
11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

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Replays available at 11:00 PM Pacific Time and 2:00 AM Eastern time and 24 hours after the live broadcast right here at Gerson Radio.

Special Encore Presentation: The Power of Natural Healing with Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of “Whole” and “The China Syndrome” and hundreds of publications on nutrition, will be my guest.

Ginger Leilani Chapin, from poor health to passionate natural health advocate

Ginger Leilani Chapin is a nationally syndicated radio host of Conscious LIfestyles Radio, passionate about her health

Marcus Freudenmann, producer of Truly Heal

Marcus will be discussing his tour of the US, giving seminars, coaching sessions, film openings and exploring the country from an RV.

Dr. Gerson and the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Prominent Jewish Historian and Author Rabbi Chaim Miller discusses his newly published biography of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Special Encore Presentation: The Power of Natural Healing: Drew Canole

Drew Canole is a Nutrition Specialist, Transformation Specialist and national spokesperson for the benefits

Dr. Wayne Pickering, “The Mango Man”, and his successful philosophy of health and life

Dr. Wayne Pickering describes his transformation from sick and dying 23-year-old to one of the nation’s leading exponents of great health

Special Encore Presentation of The Power of Natural Healing: Cori Brackett

On this program, director/producer Cori Brackett will talk about her powerful films, “Sweet Misery” and “Sweet Remedy”

Steve Kroschel and Alexandra Bruce kick off The Grounded 2

Steve Kroschel and Alexandra Bruce will discuss with us the sequel to the film The Grounded, the reasons for a sequel, how it affects people, how it is going to be brought to the public,

Cathy Justus and the worldwide fight against fluoridation

On The Power of Natural Healing Monday, 7/21/14, I shall be interviewing Cathy Justus, one of our favorite guests.

Upcoming appearances and Gerson Therapy FAQs

Howard will be talking about two upcoming events where he will be lecturing or appearing at a Q&A session

The perils of fluoridation, more Gerson FAQs.

On Monday’s The Power of Natural Healing, Howard will further discuss the regular and systematic bias of our government and regulatory agencies

Dr. Andrew Saul and his new book, The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease

Frequent guest, friend of the show, and prolific writer Andrew Saul, PhD has released his new book, The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease, a rich and detailed collection of scientific papers prepared ans written by physicians, PhDs, researchers on the results of treating chronic disease using vitamins, nutrition and other natural means. Dr. Saul is […]

Pam Schaeffer heals three ‘incurable’ diseases using the Gerson Therapy

Pam is retired, and lives in Tucson, AZ. She helps others use alternative therapies for healing. Her recovery on the Gerson Therapy is documented in her upcoming book, Curing Incurability.

Kevil Murray, 8 year recovery from ‘terminal’ testicular cancer

In 2006, Kevil Murray was a young college student of 22. He had just returned from a vacation in Mexico, was taking an exam, and suffered a sharp pain in his groin. A urologist told him he had metastasized testicular cancer, and even with chemo, surgery and radiation, would probably not last six months. Kevil […]

Special Encore Presentation: Tom Paladino: Healing with Scalar Energy

Tom Paladino has unlocked the secret to the use of Scalar Energy, also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, orgone or eloptic, an energy that is outside the electromagnetic spectrum, and was deeply explored by the brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla. Tom has mastered the use of this energy to accomplish distant […]