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The Power of Natural Healing Radio Show

Power of Natural Healing Radio Show with Howard Straus

Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and top researchers, authors and experts, who will share their views on a variety of natural healing products and methods that will help you take control of your health.

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MONDAYS at on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel
11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

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Replays available at 11:00 PM Pacific Time and 2:00 AM Eastern time and 24 hours after the live broadcast right here at Gerson Radio.

Matthew Grace: Nutritional healing from MS

Matthew Grace was a health advisor, host of his own TV show, bodybuilder and ate as well as he knew how.

Processed meat, Hospital expense, cosmetics danger, vaccine horror

Howard Straus will discuss the currently unfolding story of processed meats and cancer.

Nicolette Richer and the Green Moustache phenomenon

Nicolette Richer of Whistler, British Columbia, is a ball of fire.

Why is the medical world hiding so much vital information?

In the past couple of years, we have seen a tremendous amount of information and events covered up and simply not reported in the media, which easily makes people believe there is little or nothing newsworthy to be reported. On the contrary.

Dr Andrew Saul: Honoring Dr Abram Hoffer’s Centennial

In this centennial year of Dr. Abram Hoffer’s birth, we honor the immense accomplishments and pioneering work of this amazing physician, psychiatrist and scientist.

Dr. John Apsley and the opportunity of regenerative medicine

In this interview, Dr. John Apsley reviews his research into and discoveries on regenerative medicine.

Annie Juneau, ND Gerson Therapy practitioner in Canada

We interview Annie Juneau, a dynamic, multi-talented woman with passion and enthusiasm for the healing arts.

Encore: Tom Paladino, recent developments in remote healing

Friend of the show Tom Paladino has been working on scalar energy (most famously identified by Nicola Tesla), and has been using it for years to remotely heal ailments and kill pathogens all over the planet.

Andrew Saul on the secrets to great health

Join us with Andrew Saul, PhD, one of our favorite guests, as he shares his encyclopedic knowledge of human physiology to help us keep ourselves in vibrant good health.

Gerson in China

We just returned from a trip to Beijing, China to meet with doctors, patients and government officials to introduce them to the Gerson Therapy.

Kathleen Blake and the Gerson Therapy Support Group

Friend of the show and recovered thyroid cancer patient (31 years on Gerson Therapy), and stays close to its principles still.

What exactly IS the Gerson Therapy?

Many of our listeners have only recently been introduced to the Gerson Therapy, thanks to the rapid increase in our listening audience.

Ginny Miller and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

We will be talking with successful health coach Ginny Miller about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Denatured toxic foods, addictions, and the opioid epidemic

Denatured toxic foods, addictions, and the opioid epidemic