Kevil M - Testicular Cancer

On October 12, 2006 I, Kevil M, was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.  My left testicle was surrounded by a tumor like a baseball mitt surrounding a glove.  My
Urologist at the time removed the tumor, however, the team of doctors didn’t want to stop there; after abducting my testicle, they then wanted to do a little searching
around, where they would split me open from chest to navel and remove the problem lymph nodes at the site of metastasis and then follow it up with chemotherapy
and possible radiation, almost like toppings to a banana split.  Metastasis, after all, was the reason that they gave me a 6 month prognosis.  Six months, not long even
in dog years, has come and gone as the seasons, and yet I am still here, breathing, living, and enjoying life like never before.  All this, thanks to Dr. Max Gerson,
Charlotte Gerson, Howard Straus, and the multitudes that have continued his legacy of “healing the hopeless,” as Howard Straus’s biography on Dr. Gerson’s life

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        Esther in Calif - Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Liver & Bone Metastases


On September 13th, 2006, the Gerson Institute received the following e-mail:

and bones.  In January 2004, when diagnosed stage IV, my liver was so covered in tumors that my liver was shutting down.  My skin was completely yellow, even my
eyes were yellow.  

“I didn’t know any better, so I began Chemo treatments at once.  My oncologist said that with treatment, we could hope for a year.  I went in search of other options, and
stumbled upon Max Gerson’s method.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  Liver mets from Breast Cancer has a very poor survival rate with traditional medical treatment.  
Fewer than 1% survive past two years. “I celebrated my two-year anniversary of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer with metastases by skiing in Telluride, CO,

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                                             Thanks from Bettie RB

Dear Mr. Straus,
Thank you for the wonderful inscription in your book, and for your business card.  How nice that was of you!
And indeed, I am enjoying good health at the young age of 60 bodily years.  My husband, Frank Blumer, has a lot to do with that!  You see, Frank found Dr. Gerson's
therapy in the 70's when his former wife developed a brain tumor.  Being quite intelligent, Frank recognized what a brilliant therapy the Gerson therapy was, learned it
from Dr. Gerson's book as well as from the Jacqui Davison book, "Cancer Winner", and applied it to both his wife and to himself.  He became healthier, and his former
wife, after a year, no longer had a
brain tumor and was the very image of health.  Unfortunately, she was so healthy that she shared herself with many other men, so Frank divorced her.

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                                           Betsy H.- Stage IV EOPPC

On May 22, 2003 at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with EOPPC : Extra-Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma, stage IV. The following is a brief summary of my
medical history, my cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. I am writing this because the Gerson Therapy saved my life. I feel compelled to share my journey with
others who may be facing a similar situation, to raise awareness of the options available, and to spread the word about the success of Gerson. The Gerson Therapy
more than healed me from cancer; it’s an extension and culmination of a life of being chronically ill, seeking wellness, and finally discovering a way to heal.

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                                               Conni S. – Melanoma

One day in May, 1996, while undressing, I noticed that a mole on my left little toe  had changed.  O was 50, and it had always been there but at that time it was
distinctly different.  It was larger, darker and reddish.  

I immediately made an appointment with Dr. W. W. of  NH, to check on the mole.  He took a shaved biopsy and it was reported to be ‘superficial spreading
melanoma’.  I had a re-excision, done by Dr. Stephen S of  in June of 1996.  This time, the biopsy report was “superficial spreading melanoma, Clark’s level IV,
Breslow’s depth of invasion 1.25 mm.

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                              Jeffrey C.- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Dear Charlotte and the Gerson Staff,

I have just recently completed one year on the full Gerson Therapy and would love to share my story in a way of saying thanks and in the spirit of hope for others who
are considering the Therapy.

I suffered with an acute case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over two years before even learning of the Gerson Therapy in a book about Allergies by Alan Hunter.  
Like most CFS sufferers I had tried every therapeutic path I had come across with little improvement (including a prescribed term of psychiatric care).  From the very
beginning, something inside told me to take the Gerson Therapy seriously despite the fact that I had never imagined a routine so foreign to my day-to-day life or my
notions of health. In the next year and a half I inched toward the Gerson full program, adopting it gradually, one item at a time.

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                                        Becky L - Pesticide Poisoning

“Three and one-half years ago, I was dying. I had been struggling for 18 years following poisoning by pesticides. Progressively my body wore down. Now, turned-
aggressive lymphoma was killing me. And I couldn’t add more toxic material, called chemotherapy, to my already toxic body.

“A dear friend placed a bag of Gerson literature on my sickbed, and I began to read and read. My Mom picked up my friend’s Norwalk juicer, a bag of organic carrots,
etc., and we began “The Healing Adventure” at home. My body cried out with the very first juice, “I LOVE this food! I feel HORRIBLE!” (I did not have the means to come
to the Gerson Hospital, but it would have been a far better way to begin.)

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                                           Bill N. - Prostate Cancer

Just a note to bring you up to speed on the progress in my bout with prostate cancer.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer the fall of 1998 while I was working in Florida. It was a shock to say the least because up to this point in my life I classed myself
as a model of health! I was by myself, selling real estate franchises, when I phoned my wife in Toronto she also was upset.  

I headed back to Toronto for an appointment with my doctor. He told us I would have to get chemotherapy or radiation. We said “no” to both as the odds of being
impotent or incontinent were too high and at any rate I was close to 70 years old and did not see the sense in such drastic action. He then suggested removing my
prostate and we reluctantly agreed and proceeded to set a date for three months down the road.
The headline in an article in a health magazine that my wife had left in the bathroom said “Cancer”, and recommended going vegan. After reading the article, we made
a corporate decision to do it ourselves.
We tried everything from lots of wheat grass to ozone and enemas, lots of fruit, vegetables and we completely removed meat from my intake.

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                                             Denae H - Fibromyalgia

At the age of 16, I felt as if I were 90. I went from being a gymnast, musician, and honor student, to a lethargic medical mess.  After a week-long hospital stay for an
abscessed tonsil, I did not feel well again for seven years. I began to ache and drag, always waiting to regain the coporal vigor I once enjoyed.  After frequent
complaints to my mother of how my body felt sore, achy, tired, and weak, she took me to see our family doctor. He referred me to a pediatric rheumatologist at a
Children's Hospital in California. I remember being quite optimistic and confident that the doctors there would be able to help me relieve my pain.  I showed them
where it hurt and explained what it felt like. I was tested for various diseases and a diagnosis was given.  What causes this fibromyalgia, and how do I get rid of it?  
These are the obvious next questions after one is diagnosed with any illness. My trusted physician explained that this was a "new" condition, that it was unusual but
not unheard of in a person of my age, and that there was intense research being done, but there is no cure.  He said I could grow out of it, that it was not a
degenerative disease, some get better, some get worse.  I was crushed by the thought of trudging through life in pain, pretending as if all was well.  It became
necessary to pretend I felt better than I did.  I couldn't bear to watch my mother cry anymore because she felt so helpless.  She felt my pain as did the rest of my family.

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                                           Bill D. - Stage 4 Melanoma

In December 2005 I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Early in 2006 I had a large mass removed from my back and a other smaller tumor from my lung.  After a
series of cat scans, pet scans, brain scans and bone scans I was tolsd a few months later that it had spread to an area behind my stomach wll and 2 on my spine.
IThe tumors on my spine soon hit the spinal cord and the pain was unbearable. They loaded me with steroids and pain killers and when they had the pain under
control they tried to radiate them to reduce the size. Radiation did nothing and I was now hooked on steroids and pain killers.

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                                             Don M. - Colon Cancer

During the late summer of 2000, I first noticed a sharp pain every few days in my abdomen on the right side. On our boat in British Columbia we went to a doctor in
Canada who did X-rays and an ultrasound. They could not see anything and decided it was probably my gallbladder. A few months later after intermittent pains an
X-ray and scan in Port Townsend, again only possibly indicated Gallstones. No other procedures were suggested and we went on our long-planned family trip to
Europe, March through June 2001. In October 2002 the pains returned more often and stronger. By then we were back in California and the ultrasound at Carmel
hospital showed two gallstones. Through friends I had a great surgeon and he decided to remove the stones laparoscopically. When he got in he said my gallbladder
looked perfect and he saw a very red area on the outside of my colon, so he closed me up. I had a colonoscopy a few days later and they found a baseball sized tumor
in my colon at the secum valve.

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                                     Lawrence K. - Pancreatic Cancer

My story by Lawrence Kirk:
During my annual physical in the fall of 1993 the doctor “felt” something in my abdomen that he thought might be an aneurysm.  The ultrasound technician could not
get a good picture “because something in my stomach kept getting in the way.”

By the summer of 1994 I had lost about 20 pounds and my wife noticed that I had lost a lot of energy.  I went to see Dr. B., the family doctor, on the last day of August.  
After several tests he thought GI ‘scoping’ would be helpful.  Dr. S performed an upper and lower GI scoping and provided me with some pictures of red spots in my
stomach.  He prescribed medication to reduce my stomach acid.  In a few days I started having stomach pains and went back to Dr. B.  A CT scan was performed on
November 2.  This is the radiologist’s report: “An abnormal, irregular 5 cm mass is seen arising from near the junction of the head and body of the pancreas.  This
mass is contiguous with the superior mesenteric artery and superior vein.  There is abnormal edema or engorgement of the mesenteric venous structures and
infiltration of the fat at the root of the mesentery.” Dr. B immediately called and had me come to his office.  He pulled out the foot of the examination table, sat down,
and while looking down at the radiologist’s report, he said, “You have pancreatic cancer.  It cannot be removed by surgery, chemotherapy does not work, and radiation
does not help.  All I can do is help you find an oncologist.”

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                                  Gray R. – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The following story of a patient’s recovery is told by his wife, Janet.  

“In October 1995, being examined for a kidney stone, my husband Gray, aged 38, was diagnosed with early stage Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. No treatment was
indicated, but we were informed that the prognosis was not good and chemotherapy would suppress the lymphocyte count only for a while.

“Although I was a nursing tutor, I was not familiar with oncology, nor was I aware of alternative or complementary therapies.  The course of our lives was changed by
the arrival of the book, A Time to Heal, by Beata Bishop, sent by a friend.  I became convinced, after further information from the British Gerson Support Group, that the
Gerson Therapy might offer Gray more hope and certainly would not do him any harm!

“As finances were tight, Gray continued to work as a pastor, but he could follow the Therapy, as we live next door to the church and he works from home.  We were
pleased with the initial response and two flare-ups in the first 3-4 months. But although we followed the Therapy meticulously, he continued to deteriorate over the
first 18 months. He produced no further flare-ups, but continued to have mild fevers and night sweats, indicative of lymphoma.  I would now advise cancer patients to
take the first 3-6 months off work, because the body needs all the energy it receives through the juices and food to heal itself.

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                          Gina F. - 10 Years Recovered From Breast Cancer

In December 2006, the Gerson Institute received the following letter from Gina F.

“I ask that you please pass this note to Miss Charlotte Gerson for me.  Seeing her 10 years ago in Seattle changed my life and the lives of many others.  Ten years
ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the same as most of the people with whom you come in contact, I was headed for the dreaded knife, radiation, chemo
and sores.  I was scared and thought I had no options.  

“To make a long story short, I found the Gerson Therapy and went to hear Charlotte talk.  I had already undergone surgery and was getting ready to do radiation and
chemo—when I began to have dreams of three people in black hoods.  I soon figured out that these were the henchmen: my surgeon, radiation doctor and my
oncologist.  I knew that if I continued in this manner it would kill me.  I realized that doing these therapies was not for me.  I had the surgery and radiation, but chose
not to do the chemotherapy or any follow-up drug treatment.

“It was because of Charlotte’s inspiring message that my life is now so wonderful.  My life before cancer was no life at all.  It is all because I started the Gerson
Therapy and started to take care of myself.  I was eating organic, filtering my drinking and bathing water, doing coffee enemas (that I do up to this day), juicing,
exercising, using supplements, massage, dry brushing—the list goes on and on.  It is because of these changes and incorporating all of these things into my life that
gave me a new life.
“I now have a seven-year-old son.  Had I done chemo, I would not have been able to give birth to him.  He is my gift as well as was my cancer.  My son teaches me
lessons daily.
“In March I will be in Europe for a month with my son, celebrating my 10th anniversary (10 years cancer-free).  I started my life over 10 year ago.

“Thank you Charlotte Gerson, and I send thanks from all of those to whom I have passed the Gerson Therapy along.

                  Lyle B. – Muscular Dystrophy [Dr. Gerson’s Direct Patient]

Late last year, a friend who is also very much interested in the Gerson Therapy, did a study of a number of Dr. Gerson’s former patients. Since it is just now 40 years
since Dr. Gerson passed away, it is hard to find any of his former patients if for no other reason than that they would have died of old age. As the researcher found,
many of those patients, in fact, did die of old age, having recovered from cancer or other chronic diseases under Dr. Gerson’s care.

One interesting gentleman answered our request for further information and, if possible, a description of his disease, since he came to Dr. Gerson suffering from
muscular dystrophy. Dr. Gerson, admittedly, had better results with this disease than we can obtain at this time. This is his letter:

“I am 79 years old and feel fine. I am a retired farmer in the country with a heart bypass 23 years ago.

“In 1952, (at age 32) I went to New York to [see] Dr. Max Gerson. The diet and medication did much good. For many years I could almost run, get up and walk, anyway.
“After the passing of Dr. Gerson, I went back to a normal diet.  “The last few years, I gave up walking. I have a kitchen chair with rollers in which I get around.
A married son lives next door. They help me into my pick-up and I can drive for hours if need be. Once a day, he stops by and stands me up. I can walk around the
room then if I hang on to something.

“I had a younger sister who had muscular dystrophy. She married and had three children. She gave up walking at the age of 50 and died at the age of 59 with heart
failure.  “We have 10 married children and many grandchildren. As of today, no children or grandchildren have muscular dystrophy.  “I feel the day will come when
doctors will find the cause and a cure for M.D.

“Thank you, Lyle B. ”
Unfortunately, I do not have details on his illness, how serious it was at the time he went to New York to visit Dr. Gerson. But it is quite remarkable that he is still
managing at the age of 79 while his sister didn’t make it past the age of 59.
                                      Paul S.- Chronic Fatigue, Toxicity

In 2000 life was going well for me.  I was 29 and making a good living as a contract computer programmer.  I was living with my girlfriend and we did a lot of traveling
to various European cities.  We owned a house having spent five years bringing it from a wreck to a very high standard.

Then in December 2000, I came down with a terrible flu like virus which flattened me for three months. Suddenly, I was very limited in what I could do.   My mother
came to visit me and she also got the virus. Six months later I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  What followed were four years of declining health
and utter misery. I had to pace myself both mentally and physically and live a severely curtailed life.  I also learned the perils of overdoing it and the price to be paid.

Initially I could work part time but it was difficult.  Then in September 2003 I tried to return to full time work with disastrous consequences.  My declining health
plummeted further and I found my functionality had decreased to a terrifying level.  In addition to crushing fatigue, I had terrible neurological problems. I found it
impossible to use a computer or watch TV and even reading and speaking caused a terrible reaction in me. My head felt like it was full of cement. I was constantly
cold.  My skin was yellow and the whites of my eyes were a dirty color. It was extremely distressing.  Over the previous years I had tried all sorts of things to recover my
I visited every consultant and doctor in conventional medicine but with no success. It seemed the only treatment available to me was to “rest”  when I read an article in
the Observer newspaper by a guy who had cured himself of cancer and Hepatitis C using Gerson Therapy I was impressed.

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AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  This page is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical    
condition.  Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an individual's acceptance of some risk, and no one
should assume otherwise.  Persons needing medical care should obtain it from a physician.  Consult your doctor before making any health decision.
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