Cancer Control Society - 39th Annual Cancer Convention - September 3,4,5 2011 - Sat, Sun, Mon Labor Day Weekend at the Sheraton
Universal Hotel

Come see Charlotte Gerson speak on Saturday Sept 4th at 11:30 AM on the benefits of Gerson Therapy and it ability to restore the bodies  natural
defenses against cancer and chronic disease.

Also learn about the prevention and control of cancer through nutrition, tests and non-toxic therapies such as laetrile, Gerson therapy, Hoxsey, Koch,
enzymes and immunotherapy from medical doctors, clinical researchers, nutritionists and authors.

Price $ 40.00 per day

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September 2011
Tuesday July 12th 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM PST - The Power Hour with Joyce Riley -
Listen to Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus talk about Gerson Therapy and Charlotte's new book with Joyce Riley
Listen live or download a free podcast at
July 2011
Wednesday, July 6, 10am PST. Howard Straus is interviewed by Marcus Freudenmann of ("Cancer is Curable Now")

Wednesday, July 6, 5pm PST.  Howard Straus is interviewed on The Sheila Gale show (probably), KNRY-AM1240 Cannery Row, Monterey.  
Available for live streaming at
December 2011
Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus - Live Event
Charlotte Gerson presents Healing with Nature - a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch (and interact) with Charlotte Gerson and her son, Howard Straus.  
Discover new ways to re-connect with the healing powers of nature and reverse any health problem - safely and effectively without harmful side effects of
drugs or surgery.

Don't Miss Out on what promises to be an unforgettable event filled with truth, hope and a plan of action to defend your life in these challenging times.  
Given the right information - optimal health is easier than you think.  Join us for a great show!    

Date:     December 28, 2011
Time:     3:00 pm (Pacific) / 6:00 pm (Eastern)
Where:   Online - from YOUR computer
Cost:      $19.98

Questions?  Email:                                                                            
SALE ENDS Tue Dec 27, 2011
Charlotte Gerson presents...  
Healing with Nature
"The secret to healing begins with our connection to nature.  We now
know that our modern lifestyle must change in order to live disease
free!" - Charlotte Gerson

Howard Straus presents...
Health Frauds & Cover-Ups
“Conventional media outlets and health agencies have now been
caught red handed lying to the public.  It's time to tell the truth!” -
Howard Straus

Jonathan Landsman, Host - Charlotte Gerson Speaks Out  www.
"Charlotte and Howard are committed to correcting the injustice we see
in the world today.  It is our duty to help each other!" - Jonathan

Show Topics include:
  • Serious Threats to Women's Health
  • The Cancer - Dental Health Connection
  • One Secret to Gerson Therapy Success
  • Simple Ways to Defeat Obesity - Fast
  • How to Eliminate Arthritis and Bone Disease
  • How to Lower Blood Pressure - Naturally
  • Charlotte's Discoveries about "Mental" Disease
  • Dramatic Stories of Health Recovery
  • Charlotte reveals a SHOCKING surprise!
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FREE GIFT - You can share this program with family and
friends -
at NO EXTRA COST. (paid participants only)

Live Chat Room - Post YOUR questions before the event
and chat with Charlotte, Howard, Jonathan and friends during
the entire broadcast of this LIVE event.

Unlimited Replays - You can watch this video program (On
Demand) from your computer - anytime you like until 3/28/12.
Special Guest:
Jay Kordich,  the Father of Juicing
Jay talks about his success with the Gerson Therapy
PLUS Jay gives a LIVE Juicing Demonstration!
AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  This page is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical    
condition.  Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an individual's acceptance of some risk, and no one
should assume otherwise.  Persons needing medical care should obtain it from a physician.  Consult your doctor before making any health decision.
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