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stress and disease

The Role of Stress & Chronic Disease

Can stress cause cancer? Certainly not by itself, but it can be the ultimate extra burden that pushes an already weakened, barely functioning immune system over the edge so that it can no longer dispose of the irregular maverick cells that every healthy organism produces in vast numbers every day. Yet without the eternal vigilance of a well functioning immune system there is nothing to stop a few of those irregular cells to initiate a malignant process.

plant based foods

The Happy Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

It is a fair guess that the majority of people in the so-called developed world regard vegetables as no more than incidentals that accompany a main course of fish or meat, while fruits are only considered if there is no dessert on offer. Well, this is the moment to think again—and to make some delightful discoveries. The fact is that the plant foods, which are the basis of the Gerson regime, are much superior to animal-based ones.

Apple Health Benefits

Natural Health Benefits of Apples & Our Favorite Apple Recipes!

If you are familiar with The Gerson Therapy, then you are certainly aware of the link between food and disease – and food’s ability to help heal disease. It should be no surprise to you, then, to learn about the natural health benefits of apples. In fact, according to a Cornell University review, studies have linked the consumption of apples with reduced risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes.

What Went Wrong

What Went Wrong: A Review by Howard Straus

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a regular contributor to TLDP, has written a book chronicling the ins and outs of the much-awaited NCI/NCCAM clinical trial of his holistic, enzyme- and nutrition-based treatment for pancreatic cancer. Many of us in the alternative medicine world had waited for years with bated breath for the results, which ended up disappointing at best. Now, we can find out What Went Wrong.